Expedited Vote - 48 Hour Turnaround

VOTING PERIOD: Now until midnight, Wednesday, January 15th

PRESENTER: USGP Steering Committee, D.C. Statehood Green Party
PRESENTER CONTACT: Adam Eidinger - adam@mintwood.com
Ben Manski - manski@greens.org

FLOOR MANAGER: Ben Manski, SC, WI Delegate, manski@greens.org

SUBJECT: Sponsorship of Green Response to the State of the Union

THE PROPOSAL: On January 28th, 2003, President Bush will deliver the annual
"State of the Union" address to the United States Congress. In anticipation of Bush's address, the D.C. Statehood Green Party has organized a counter-address/rally in order to deliver an alternative evaluation of the state of the union by the Green Party. This will be the Green response to Bush's address.

To date, organizers in D.C. have confirmed the participation of the band Sonic Youth, as well as the lead signer of Fugazi, and various other artists, in a permitted mass rally to take place directly in front of the United States Capitol. Organizers have also secured the participation of United for Peace, Peace Action, and the Institute for Policy Studies, and each of these organizations has committed to financially supporting the event.

The program calls for a response to be delivered by a Green elected official or spokesperson immediately following the end of Bush's speech, thus achieving maximum national media exposure. At the request of D.C. organizers, the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States has deliberated on who should serve the party in this role, and has agreed that San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, the new #2 elected official in that city, is most appropriate for the role. Supervisor Gonzalez is still considering the request.

This is an expedited vote due to the pace of the organizing involved. Several organizations have committed significantly more resources to the costs of the organizing than is requested of the national party, and the D.C. Statehood Greens have committed funds as well. Costs include stage, sound, promotion, and transportation.

TIME LINE: Until January 28th, 2003

IMPLEMENTATION - RESOURCES: Allocation of $1,000 by the national party to this project, for the transportation of Gonzalez, or another representative, to D.C., as well as to contribute to basic costs of logistics. Additionally, participation by the Media Committee and Steering Committee in promoting the Green response ahead of time in the media, and in assisting in the drafting of the response.

REFERENCES: Adam Eidinger - adam@mintwood.com, D.C. Statehood Green Party