PROPOSAL: TIER 2 Budget allocation and appropriation
                       AMENDS FISCAL POLICY

DISCUSSION PERIOD: April 22, 2002 to May 6, 2002
VOTING PERIOD: May 7, 2002 to May 13, 2002

PURPOSE: Allow for Tier 2 budget items to receive funding


At the end of each month the Finance Committee will report the income and expenses, including how much is over Tier 1

The Steering Committee will consider which Tier 2 approved projects to allocate those funds to, and inform whoever it is that the funds are available. This allocation is subject to the following appropriation priorities:

1. Staff Salaries
2. Staff Benefits
3. Fundraising Committee
4. Office
5. Reserve Account
6. Field Organizing
7. Steering Committee
8. International Committee
9. Diversity Committee