August 14, 2011

{first SC meeting minutes compiled by new Secretary Budd Dickinson}

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, August 14, 2011 – 8:00 p.m. EDT

Roll call – Tamar Yager, Audrey Clement, Farheen Hakeem, Theresa
El-Amin, Leenie Venet Halbert, Susan Chunco, Mark Swaney
Secretary: Budd Dickinson
Treasurer: Jeff Turner
Staff: Brian Bittner
Observers: Holly Hart, Jody Grage
Facilitator – Darryl Moch

Tamar Yager was named supervisor for all staff. Audrey is organizing the personnel subcommittee to work on employment agreements. David Sacks’ contract (verbal) was extended through the end of the year.

II. AGENDA – revisions and approval
Committee Liaison – Discuss on call with further discussion on email and next call.
Move from SunTrust Bank – Under Treasurer’s Report.
Fundraiser Report – Excerpts from written report in future minutes.
Expedited proposals – Consensus on Durban +10(GA), Delegate Apportionment (IL); Delegate Apportionment (ME).
Strategy Discussion – On top of next agenda since complete notes not available yet.

Office Manager – Brian Bittner – Met with several SC members in Alfred; Jeff/Budd/Dave in office for two days; working on coordinated financial record system recommended by FinCom; restocked merchandise incl. platform summary and new Green Pages; income from merchandise and fundraising deposited; income from ANM itself will be deposited Monday; open house Wed August 10th with participation from DC, MD,& SC members, etc.

IV. ANM RECAP – 15 minutes
a. Preliminary ANM financial report – Jeff – Alfred contact gone for two weeks; final report will be completed by end of August.
b. Attendance, etc. – Tamar – 216 count now, more info later, event seems to have broken even plus fundraiser (over $4k) and merchandise.
c. Thanks: ANMC – Budd – thank ANMC with similar wording used for livestream thanks; Budd will draft language; Tamar thanked Alfred staff already.

d. Subject: Appreciation for GPUS Livestream in Alfred/Decision
Sponsor: Audrey Clement; Time Requested: Three Minutes
Proposal: That the SC approve the following message and send it in an email to the named Media Committee members: The GPUS Steering Committee wants to extend its appreciation to the Media Committee members who livestreamed the 2011 ANM in Alfred, NY, including: Sanda Everette, Starlene Rankin and Craig Seeman. It also wants to extend its appreciation to the members of the GPNYS who assisted in livestreaming the event. Their collective work efforts informed Greens across the U.S. about a meeting that was largely ignored by the major media. – consensus, secretary will send.

e. Election Tabulation Committee report for the record – Co-chairs elected or re-elected: Susan Chunco (CA), Farheen Hakeem (MN), Mark Swaney (AR), and Leenie Venet Halbert (AZ). Secretary elected: Budd Dickinson (WA). NC will vote to certify election. Suggestion to send press release – ask Scott.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT – Jeff 10 minutes
a. Cash report to date – July accounts will be reconciled this week since SunTrust offline over the weekend for maitnenance. August to date report online after Brian’s deposit and online income recorded; need ANM expenses from SC members within 24 hours for FinCom call Wednesday the 17th. b. Move from SunTrust – By the end of the year is the goal; need list of needed services – payroll, merchant services, etc.; deposit location important; research from Jeff, Leenie, Farheen, etc. will be forwarded to SC list. Send research and suggestions to Jeff for further consideration by fincom and eventual recommendation to SC. consider regional and local banks/credit unions/online banks; Continue discussion on next agenda. Let SunTrust know why we are leaving when we do it.

In the queue:
Prop. 615 – Libya – voting concludes 8/15/11 – 29, 36, 12, 28 states; looks like will fail.

Submitted for the queue:
GNC Delegation Apportionment – GPIL
2/3 threshold, Audrey floor manager, 1 wk/1wk – in now.

Caucus Accreditation – GPOH, DCSG, MAGRP, GPMN
2/3 threshold, Theresa floor manager, 1 wk/1wk – in on 21st.

Durban +10 Proposal – GAGP
Majority threshold, Farheen floor manager, 1wk/1wk – in now.

Delegate Apportionment – MGIP
2/3 threshhold, Leenie floor manager, 3 wk/1wk – in now

To be submitted for the queue: Election Tabulation Committee report

Notes from Phil, Gregg, and others need to be collated, then sent to SC and reviewed; for the top of the next agenda; Audrey and Leenie will see that notes get done.

Propose that we schedule committee chairs in groups to participate in Steering Committee calls once every 4 months on the first call of each month. This would not eliminate the role of the liaison. It would simply add an opportunity to report to the SC and other committees what is important to the committee at that time. The desired outcome is to have better communication among our leaders and give the committee chairs a chance to coordinate better. A sample rotation/grouping might be as follows: Fincom, Fundcom – September 11; Merchandise, Outreach, Media – October 9; Ballot Access, PCSC, CCC – November 6; IC, Diversity, others – December 18. No consensus. Tamar will rewrite proposal in cooperation with committee liaisons for those committees that wish to participate in trying out this idea.

Tamar – ANM, staff supervisor
Theresa – Diversity, Outreach, Accreditation, Platform
Susan – FinCom
Leenie – PCSC, CCC, BAC(co-liaise with Mark),Green Pages, Legal, Web Content
Audrey – Personnel, Web Content, IC(?), EcoAction, Green Officeholders
Farheen – IC(?), DRC, Credentialing, GPAX
Mark – BAC(co-liaise with Leenie), GSCC & GHCC

IT? Media? Merch? FunCom? BRPP?

X. Schedule for future SC meetings
Next meeting in two weeks, 28 August, 8 pm Eastern. Farheen has an excused absence. Discussion of future alternatives using an online survey method. Thanks to Darryl for facilitating and he’ll see about next time or find someone.

Mark: Disturbed by previous email attacks within the SC; respect necessary.

Meeting was adjourned about 10:35 p.m.

Budd: Draft thanks to the ANM
Budd: Send thanks to livestream folks
Budd – Request for SC election press release to Scott McLarty
Jeff, Leenie, Farheen, etc. – research banking options
Audrey, Leenie – strategic planning notes assembled
Audrey – Employment Agreements for staff
All – consider liaison and subcommittee assignments
Tamar – initiate online survey for alternatives to Sunday SC calls
Darryl – find facilitator for next SC call.