June 13, 2021

Green Party of the United States
Steering Committee

Sunday June 13, 2021
8:00 PM EDT

Observers please fill out the Observer Request Form.

  1. Executive Session
    30 minutes
    1. New Hire
      30 minutes]
  2. Call Setup & Background
    15 minutes
    1. Facilitator:
      Holly Hart
    2. Roll call
      Kristin Combs,
      Trahern Crews,
      Margaret Elisabeth,
      Gloria Mattera,
      Tony Ndege,
      Anita Rios,
      Tamar Yager
      David Gerry
      Hillary Kane
    3. Establish Quorum: 9 current members; quorum is 5.

      Observers are to remain muted during the call and please do not use the chat feature as it is used by the SC to pass information.

    4. Agenda revision suggestions

      If there is not consensus then simple changes need a majority and new items require 2/3 majority.

  3. Standing Business
    50 minutes
    1. Secretary's Report (David)
      5 minutes
    2. Approval of Expenditures
      10 minutes

      2021 Budget

      1. BAC: $845 for AR [Line: 58]
        5 minutes

        A total of $1250 for Arkansas $405 from reserves and $845 from the budget.

    3. Staff Report
      10 minutes
      1. Virtual Offfice Manager Position (Hillary)
        5 minutes
      2. Hawkins Campaign Data Import (Tamar)
        5 minutes
    4. Liaison reports
      30 minutes
      • Trahern: Accreditation, Green Pages, Merchandising
      • Kristin: Credentials, DRC, GPAX, Platform
      • Margaret: BMRC, BAC, PCSC
      • Gloria: CCC, ETC, Fundraising, Media
      • Tony: BRPP, Eco-Action, Outreach
      • Anita: Diversity, IC
      • Tamar: Apportionment Review, Finance
  4. Voting Queue
    5 minutes
    1. In the queue
      1. 1058 –Amendment to Clarify Mission Statement, Policies Procedures of the Outreach Committee
        Outreach Committee
        Floor Manager:
    2. Received for the queue
  5. Old Business
    25 minutes
    1. Annual National Meeting (Discission; Anita, Tamar)
      15 minutes

      Plenary Session

    2. Apportionment Review Committee (Decision; Tamar)
      10 minutes
  6. New Business
    15 minutes
    1. Signing on to Amicus Brief (Discision; Gloria)
      15 minutes

      A well known election lawyer contacted us to ask if the national party will sign onto an Amicus Brief for a case challenging the constitutionailty of Ohio regulations that prohibit minor party members from serving on the Ohio Elections Commission. The cost for printing and serving the brief would be split between the amici which could be between 3 – 5 groups so between 200- 350 each.

  7. End call recording

    1 hours 50 minutes

2 hours 20 minutes