January 26, 2014

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, January 26, 2014 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – Karen
b. Start recording of call
c. Roll Call: Charles Ostdiek, Karen Young, Darryl! Moch, Jeff Turner, Starlene Rankin, Tamar Yager, Kate Culver, Jesse Townley Absent – Budd Dickinson; Jody Grage – Observer

d. Agenda revisions – – move OM job description to after voting queue #3.
Finance – add state sharing payments. Change section II to 20 minutes.

Time Keeper – Kate

Starlene – limit time for individual speakers – 2 minutes – consensus.

a. Cash report to date $32k in bank including $13k in reserve and $5k in earmarked, merch order waiting for art work, $3k BAC loan and 13k state sharing; 2009 state sharing sent late Dec.

b. Fundraising
Dave working on next letter. Brainstorming for 30th GPUS anniversary on TU call. Green Party Card – David and Brian working on – after ANM registration form done.

c. BAC funds for AZ – 2013 funds or 2014 funds? $3k sent in Jan, will come from 2013 budget.
Vote: yes – Jesse, jeff, Tamar, Starlene, Darryl!; no – Karen, Kate, Charles

d Accept bitcoin donations – FinCom recommends no, SC will consider this sometime in the future

e. Approval of 2 years Global Greens dues
– one year was approved in 2013, 2012 still owed. Total of $1834 for two years from 2013 budget; third payment would be due in 2014 before annual conference in November to get voting rights.
Consensus to pay $1834 from 2013 budget

f. Acquisition of “green” domains – tabled.

g. State sharing payments – FinCom suggests looking at 2010 and 2011 state sharing payments; see how fundraising going before decision made; suggest paying small payments for 2010 and 2011; should consider IL IO, MA, MN, NV, NM, RI and WI that could use for ballot access drives or convention travel;
(Outreach will be asking for $1500 before June to pay for rebranding effort and has raised close to $1500, half of what is needed.) Suggest tabling the prioritizing of state list. – consensus

In the queue:
Fiscal Policy Document housekeeping changes (from Fincom). Floor mgr. Kate. Vote starts 1/27..

Received for the queue: None

IV. Approval of Operations Manager job description version 2 or 3

Tamar asking for a vote since consensus doesn’t seem to have been reached
Clarification about Greenline being the online appeal newsletter

Only difference between versions 2 and 3 is office writing checks – FinCom discussed and opposed it since Fiscal Policy doesn’t allow; suggest study it for later; this gives us the option but doesn’t require it. Following wording added as friendly amendment: “OM may pay bills as directed by the Treasurer at such time as the Fiscal Policy allows it.

Vote – version 3 – Darryl! yes, Jeff blocking concern – absurd, projecting something
that doesn’t exist, wrong way to go about this, Jesse yes, Karen yes, Kate, yes, Starlene
yes, Tamar yes, Charles abstain – motion passes version 3 with added language.

V. Improving SC functioning
We discussed “more effective meetings, things falling through the cracks, how to get more done between meetings.”

VI. Next call prep/action items:
(!) read rebranding proposal,
(2) send mission statement suggestions,
(3) read proposal to fund SC to ANM and how get SC nominees to stay on,
(4) who is meeting Bernie Sanders – John Andrews on call?,
(5) committee evaluations,
(6) get wiggio tutorial organized,
(7) climate convergence and open debate proposals to NC as soon as written (up next Sunday if ready); SC should see the specific wording,

Budd Dickinson