October 3, 2005

GPUS-SC Conference Call
3 October 2005
8:00 p.m. EDT

Jake, Gwen, Holly, Jody, Brent, Marc, Rebecca, Emily;
Steve on at 9:05p

Facilitator: Jake
Notes: Holly

Abbreviations used:
AC = Accreditation Committee
ANM, ANMC = Annual National Meeting Committee
BAWG = Ballot Access Working Group
BRPP = Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee
BC = Black Caucus
CC = Coordinating Committee
CCC = Coordinated Campaign Committee
CG SC = Campus Greens Steering Committee
ComCom = Communications Committee
DC = Diversity Committee
DIA = Democracy in Action internet service
DRC = Dispute Resolution Committee
FC = Fundraising Committee
FEC = Federal Election Commission
GP = Green Party
IC = International Committee
LC = Lavender Caucus
NPWG = Nominating Process Working Group
NWC = National Women’s Caucus
PEC = Presidential Exploratory Committee
PCSC = Presidential Campaign Support Committee
SC = Steering Committee
SPWG = Strategic Plan Working Group
[Brackets denote editor’s suggested corrections. Some punctuation corrections done with no content change. -ed.]

Jake: Proposal to Steve, Pat and Rebecca, that charges be posted to the nat’l committee of names of people naming charge, statement and dates charges were made. Jake will respond to charges; if the rest wish to respond, do so, keep it on listserv, but out of SC listserv and out of minutes following this call tonight.
That is where NC delegates are; official business belongs on the natlcomvotes list



a. BRENT – CCC: 2 main focuses: resources subcommittee, working to get resources out in timely fasion (donor & vols lists; website templates on e matching funds grant); linking up right people with right candidates will be focus this week.

Ballot access work, updating BAC on efforts, information to Richard Winger

EMILY – Green Card: Web Outreach & Development; Progressive Ad Campaign; IT Planning Group – will send a report

Rebecca – thanks to Brent and Emily for hosting last weekend, Sept. 24 March in D.C.
Brent – good to see Greens all together as a group

b. Lease Options – Jake, Emily
Increasing our base rent from $1768 -$ 2100; common area to $51/mop; utilities to $15/mo = $2306/mo, total, for first year (11-05 to end of 10-06), then increase – didn’t get rent/mo, $1.53 cam; $5 – util, second year

If thinking of changes, fall of 2007 will be the time to do it
good idea, ca. $2800 over the course of next two years


III. Treasurer’s Report – Jake
Requests for Funds
a. Lavender Caucus has submitted their budget, signed off by co-chairs; request to send Starlene Rankin and Judith Grant to G/L Creating Change Conference in SF in November; requesting $260/each for registration

Gwen – suggests adding some money for gas.

2. CCC request to send funds to Friends of ?: in Albany running for city common council, matching funds program

FUN COM- Brent
Just put out prospect mailing, issues of imminent domain in NE area; prospect mailing to printer for WI Progressive Magazine, renting their list, focusing on anti-war efforts; re-solicitation to printer this month, insert from Merchandise Committee

Direct Mail Goal $25,200 for the year; current is approx. $24,000; should be over $36K at the end of the year, overshot year
Personal solicitation goal $42,000 for theyear, currently at $67K
Next month should show turnaround in our sustainers
Merchandise is up for last month from September 24 mobilization
We raised just under $41K in September

Brent – one large donation came in (25K), two more are coming

Marc – putting together fundraising plan for 2006, could use recruiting.

Jody – Has Morgen’s work started to bear fruit? Brent – yes, raised over $1000 on Sunday, enough development where she can do her job.

Brent- focus developmentally right now is sustainer, really needed. Brent, Emily and Morgen all have ideas.

FIN COM – Marc
Forms for committee budgets; draft coming out online; need to start talking about stipends for SC

Hiring office assistant (need something more dependable than interns)
Emily – proposal for ass’t was to help both her and Brent; Jeff Turner is looking into question of payroll vs. contractor.
Would like to see position being October 15, with understanding this will become a regular staff position, in 2006 budget. Possible for contract position, for now?

Marc – Could easily structure this, 2 1/2 to 3 mos, no problem with making term-lmited contract.
Jake – can authorize $1000/mo

Rob Tufts, CCC co-chair, was to call in, didn’t make it
a. Marc – appointment of 2 male members to two male vacancies (3 applicants), hope to make decision this evening. Candidates are Brent White (WA), Steps to Freedom (IN), David Silva (LavC).

3 positions for women still open; CCC wants to get out another announcement and will try to drum up support and recruit, and take on as as-they-come-in basis.

Jody – as-they-come-in could be difficult, set a date and survey people who come in by then

Brent – fill two male seats tonight. CCC will relay their recommendations through co-chairs to SC. CCC agree on Brent White, leaning toward Steps.

Jody – PROPOSAL: – to seat only one male position tonight; seating two will skew gender balance
Marc – object, all 3 submitted applications, approve on merits

Holly – what are concerns? Brent – just lack of experience, CCC would like each member to bring something with them

Rebecca – hasn’t had time to review them, would be more comfortable holding off and looking at all three together and not jump to appoint someone, asap

Steve – sees merits in Jody and Rebecca’s comments, since we are still waiting on female candidates

Jody – PROPOSAL to put Brent White on CCC. Vote on Brent White, then re-visit issue of second seat.

Marc – an announcement put out and SC agreement was that we were going to reach agreement tonight, we need to honor that.

Holly: No; it’s not fair to the candidates that the SC wasn’t prepared, agree with Marc
Marc: Abstaining, not sure where we’re going with this
Rebecca: No, would abstain, but feel not adequately informed
Jody: Yes
Steve: No
Gwen: Abstain
Jake: Yes

2Y, 2A, 3N; FAILED

Jody – PROPOSAL approve 2 people, Brent & Steps
Reb: same situation, have not had chance to review all three applications; agree all or nothing
Steve: echo Rebecca, also hasn’t had chance to review all.

Marc – fine with delaying, on condition that we make effort to read all three this week, state concerns to SC, owe it to all 3 to do this on merits of all 3.

Contacted Mike Feinstein 9/25, saw database was down. Mike emailed back 9/27, was migrating from one server to another, there were a few loose ends. Rob, Jen and Brent are creating a spreadsheet for the fall campaigns, will put on nat’l site.

EXECUTIVE SESSION 9:40p – 10:00p

Brent will write out proposal for host and put out for bid, will work with Steve.

VII. VOTING QUEUE – Holly 15-20 min
1) #169 – MI: Endorsement of the Rebuilding Alliance
2) #179 – DCSG: The Right to Vote Act, An Act to Enforce American Democracy
3) #176 – FunCom: Donor’s Bill of Rights
4) #178 – TX/NX: Endorsement for the Millions More March

1) #171 – AZ: Affirmative Action Gender Balance proposal for Expanding the National Committee
2) #172 – AZ: Consensus Process Proposal for NC

1) #175 – DCSG: Creation of a Delegate Apportionment Committee
10/3/05 – 10/9/05
Schneider// 1/2

2) #177 – FunCom: Approval of R, P & P’s
10/3/05 – 1/9/05
Haug// 1/2

3) #184 – FLA: Procedural Motion on Florida Proposal on SC Election
10/3/05 – 10/9/05
Kramer// 2/3

1) received, 8/10/05 – MI: statement of independent purpose//SENT BACK WITH REQUEST TO CLARIFY WHAT PROPOSERS WANTED TO HAVE DONE//NO RESPONSE, YET

1) #182 – SC: Establishment of Ad-hoc Co-chair Election Review Working Group
Discussion ’til 10/9/05
Voting period: 10/10/05 – 10/16/05
Schneider// 1/2

2) #180 – DCSG, WIGP: Proposed Bylaws Amendment to Clarify Affiliation
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Schneider// 2/3

3) #181 – AZ: Proposal for National Delegates on National Committees
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Schneider// 2/3

4) #184 – AC: Approval of AC R, P & P’s
Discussion ’til 10/16/05
Voting period: 10/17/05 – 10/23/05
Kramer// 1/2

1) received, 9/29/05 – NY: Proposal to engage unbiased outside agency to make recommendations on future SC elections

Secretary has written to GPoNYS to ask if they would instead co-sponsor SC’s similar proposal

QUESTION of whether NY proposal was approved for submission Jody – if they both pass, are there conflicts? No (Marc, Holly)

Floor Manager: Gwen, 1/2
2, wks discussion 1 week voting

2) received 10/2/05 – UT, IN, IA, ME, MO: Proposed GPUS National Committee
List Serves Protocols
Floor Manager: Jody, 2/3
3 weeks discussion, 1 week voting

Two proposals received from VT, with the request NC delegates use an IRV vote to select one. (sic)
3) received 10/3/05 – VT – Proposal for bylaws interpretation that anyone elected in multi-seat elections under any valid counting method is elected

4) received 10/3/05 –
VT Proposal to urge the SC to immediately invite Tom Sevigny and Kristin Olson to seerve under terms of their agreement

Marc – bylaws actually are set up to do IRV on two competing proposals
Steve – IRV – one, the other, or neither; need to write in single proposal if an IRV vote.
Holly – will write VT and ask for one proposal, 3 options (1, other, None for IRV)

Jake – PROPOSAL – send back to VT clarify issues

Marc – bylaws already address having NOTA
Jody- ad option, added as specified in bylaws
Rebecca – ditto
Holly – ditto

Marc – threshold; not sure we’re set up to do choice voting on this.


Marc – there is a problem with using IRV for 2/3 threshold

Steve will post clarifications to SC list, may change instructions, if needed

5) another coming, has been posted, deal with online [#182, NC Supprot for SC]

VIII. SC Election – 3 min
Nominations open ’til October 9; discussion from 10/10/05 – 10/23/05; voting from 10/24/05 – 10/30/05

Jake – potential problem, vacancy elections, nominations end October 9. What if state proposals come in and change election status?

Steve – have said we would continue SC election; if NC overrules, they can do so, but can’t anticipate now what knds of decisions we might get
Status? Secretary will post tomorrow a new announcement and follow up with those nominated. Nominations must be made and accepted by October 9

IX. EVENTS – Reports
a. September 24th: Rebecca – went very well; speakers were very well received, spoke at concert, had to argue with UFPJ that they not cancel her as speaker; positive response from everyone, positive showing, people liked pennants.

Steve – apologizes for not making it, was ill

b. Invitation for Third Party Conference in October, New Hampshire. – Emily

Emily – Pat, Rebecca, Steve possibly may be able to attend. [Rebecca is moving that weekend, unable to attend.]

c. Invitation to speak at Southeastern Christian Association civil/human/ privacy rights event on 10/8/05 – Brent Appears to be legit; feeling these are people who don’t have a lot of experience with organizing, expect low turnout event, recommendation not to be present

X. BLACK CAUCUS – Gwen Gwen – proposal to go through Dispute Resolution and use mediation. Some members of BCOC willing, BC not had much response; will go from Dispute Resolution angle and set up mediation

X. EMAIL LIST PROTOCOL//EEOC – Holly Proposal co-sponsored by several states is at or near completion EEOC suggested separate item, will follow up


ELECTORAL (Steve): CCC, Office Holders Network, PCSC, Legal Team
Marc – Steve, check settings, there has been a lot on the listserv; will check Steve’s settings.

POLICY (Gwen): Platform, Peace, Intn DC
IC – inquiries from all over (Paraguay); German elections; no update on AMA, Pakistan
G-PAX recent presence in DC other activities

OUTREACH (?): Media, Green Pages, Merchandise, Campus Greens
Marc- Becky Weber proposal to establish Outreach Committee; temp group putting this proposal together
Rebecca – Bette Middler is a Green, add her to Green celebrities list

INTERNAL (Jody): Personnel, Dispute Resolution, BRPP, Accreditation, ComCom, Event Planning

Personnel – some communication between Maya O’Connor, Budd Dickinson, other person (Jane Hunter?), moving forward with Personnel Manual
BRPP – not much is happening
AC – meeting last night, not sure where confidentiality begins and ends
CommCom – nothing lately
AnmCom – meeting once a month, getting bid forms out, couple places already interested, timeline for getting it done

IT-COM (Steve) – (Communications Committee, Web Content Team)
Steve -discussed briefly with Emily, forwarded proposal got lukewarm reception from CommCom, still in their hands

Holly has emailed potential legal advisors, legal team; will follow up. Spoke with one who may be interested.

a. News circulator still temporarily suspended, some progress in reaching Lexis, hope to be resolved, soon
b. Discovered new delegates welcome packet, sent and will continue to send to incoming newbies.
c. Alerted to fact that delegates’ list is “woefully out of date,” will send notice to NC list
d. Hurricane relief efforts, any updates/changes?
e. Tulsa reports from committees/events – ONE MORE UPDATE; suggest extending the deadline for one more week
f. Webmaster contact address; timely updates-Holly will contact Emily

[G-PAX page – G-PAX co-chairs met with Leenie Halbert and Andrea Gardner in D.C.; will be working to update website.]

Next agenda – move portfolio reorganization closer to the front.

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS
Minimally edited and HTML formatted by Charlie Green