Chapter III Section E. Education and Arts, Subtitle: 1. Education

Eco-Action Committee

Proposal : Add new section as note “y”
Section Title: E. Education and Arts
Section Subtitle: 1. Education

Summary of Process: Proposal brought to committee; Discussion period & brief hiatus ensued; Call for consensus and additional discussion period followed (no objections/changes raised); Proposal passed via consensus on 8/16/2019 8:13pm.

Committee / Co-Chair Info: Eco-Action Committee / Co-Chairs Audrey Clement & Tim Worts (,

Author Contact Info: Tim Worts, (973) 303-6354,

Proposal: Add new section as note “y”
Chapter II: Social Justice, E. Education and Arts, 1. Education

Proposed Changes

y. Educate students in grade school and higher education with courses in the environmental sciences, with a focus on the hands-on practice of regenerative, organic, community farming/gardening, increased emphasis on energy conservation, exposure to industrialized food production through field trips and educational films (at an appropriate age), and other courses that include a comprehensive curriculum on climate change, biodiversity, and other planetary boundaries and environmental concerns. Focus on education through a general immersion in nature to understand, hands-on, the intricate dependence of humanity upon the natural world.

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  1. Mirrors present practices in the happy valley of Massachusetts.

    Here we might point to the natural tendency of an educated population to gently decline. Thus, a declining population using less will heal Earth with human rights.

    Thanks for this good work.

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