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Green Party LogoGreens join Global Day of Action for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions on March 30 to end the Israeli occupation


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

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WASHINGTON, DC -- On Monday, March 30, the Green Party of the United States will join other advocates for an end to the Israeli occupation, for full human rights and equality for all in Israel-Palestine, and for a nonviolent resolution to the Middle East conflict by observing the Global Day of Action for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

The Green Party has endorsed BDS as a means to place international pressure on Israel, with special emphasis on ending US military aid to Israel ( Greens have strongly criticized the Bush and Obama administrations and Democrats and Republicans in Congress for unconditionally supporting the occuption, Israel's military actions (including the recent invasion of Gaza), expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, and the Israeli apartheid system.

The Green Party has also signed on to a petition, sponsored by Peace Cycle, to suspend the Association Agreement between the European Union and Israel until Israel respects human rights and International Law (

"The withdrawal of Charles Freeman from his appointment to a top intelligence post, after he came under fire for criticizing Israel, laid to rest any doubt about the influence of pro-Israel lobbies over US policy in the Middle East," said Hajja Romi Elnagar, Louisiana Green and member of the Green Party's International Committee ( "The attacks on Mr. Freeman were led by Stephen J. Rosen, who is currently under federal indictment for alleged violations of the Espionage Act based on his actions on behalf of Israel as an AIPAC official."

Organizers of the Global Day of Action, which was launched at the World Social Forum 2009 in Belém, Brazil, are encouraging several actions: boycotts and divestment from Israeli corporations and international corporations that sustain Israeli apartheid and occupation; legal action to end Israel's impunity and prosecute Israeli war criminals; blocking free trade and other preferential agreements with Israel and imposing an arms embargo ( The Global Day of Action coincides with Land Day, which marks an Israeli military attack on Palestinians protesting peacefully in Israel in 1976, resulting in six Palestinians killed and about 100 injured.

In January, the Green Party's 2008 presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney participated in an effort to deliver medical supplies to besieged Palestinians in Gaza until the delivery boat she was traveling on was surrounded by Israeli gunboats and rammed by one of them (

"The Gaza invasion should end illusions about Israeli democracy. During the assault, Palestinian-Israelis were banned from nonviolently protesting their government's actions. In over 200 demonstrations, some 800 protestors, including nearly 300 children, were arrested while others were interrogated by the authorities, placed under house arrest, and prohibited from traveling to certain Israeli cities," said Justine McCabe, co-chair of the Green Party's International Committee (Speakers Bureau page:

The Green Party supports an immediate UN-sponsored, multinational peacekeeping force to protect civilians and to oversee implementation of all relevant UN resolutions and the dismantling of the occupation. The party endorses full human rights, democracy, equality under the law, and security for Palestinians and Israelis; efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict; dismantling of the separation wall; and the Palestinian right of return (


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