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For Immediate Release:
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

The Fall 2009 issue of Green Pages, the Green Party's national publication, is now online:

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party highlighted several Green candidates running strong campaigns in the 2009 races, with some likely victories on Election Day, November 3.

158 Green Party candidates have announced runs in local and state races. Below are profiles of some of the more promising and prominent candidates, with campaign web site links and some quotes. For information about more Green candidates and information about Green electoral efforts, see:

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Green Party Election Database

Greens run for several offices simultaneously in Stamford, Connecticut

Ingredients for the success of Green incumbents: Cam Gordon and Alan Brison

State Green Party efforts to gain ballot access across the country

Green Party of Arkansas Sues to Keep Ballot Status: Claims state rules hurt third parties and voters alike

Embedded video clips of Green candidates, other topics

Livestreaming video


Find more Green candidate profiles and links at:


Mary DeCamp for Tucson City Council Ward 3, Pima County


Allan Brison (incumbent) for New Haven Alderman, Ward 10
The Democrats are running a young environmentalist to run against Mr. Brison in the hope of gaining a monopoly on the local government.

Jean de Smet for Mayor of Windham
Ms. de Smet currently holds office as First Selectman in Windham.


Anthony Zeli for Portland School Committee, District 2, Cumberland County

Mr. Zeli wants to move Portland schools forward by investing in energy efficiency, improving access to school community centers, and supporting innovative education. Maine Green Independents once held four out of nine seats on Portland School Committee and passed progressive groundbreaking policies, such as limiting military recruitment in schools. Greens are down to just one school committee member who has chosen not to run for re-election. After receiving several key endorsements and running a solid campaign, Mr. Zeli is in a good position to succeed.


Chuck Turner (incumbent) for Boston City Council, District 7
Mr. Turner was been recently targeted by the FBI, while the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party has rallied behind him:


Jeanine Estimé for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8


Lynne Serpe for New York City Council, District 22 (Astoria) in Queens
Ms. Serpe is a longtime Green organizer and the campaign manager for David Cobb's 2004 Green presidential campaign. In addition to running a strong grassroots campaign, Ms. Serpe has drawn coverage from the New York Daily News because of her fundraising success

"Clean air, clean water, clean energy -- and clean streets. These are not partisan issues. They affect all of us," said Lynne Serpe. "They impact our wallet, our environment, our public health and our quality of life." (See also "Bloomberg and Thompson aren't the only ones running in this town" by Errol Louis, New York Daily News, Oct. 29,

Howie Hawkins, for Syracuse City Council
Mr. Hawkins, a longtime Green organizer and party leader, has run for office 17 times.

Jennifer Dotson, for First Ward Common Councilwoman, City of Ithaca

"On November 3 you will see my name on the ballot under both the Green and the Democratic party lines. I make it a point to work in coalition and to look beyond party lines. I am a registered Green and am looking forward to and participating in a renewal of the Tompkins County Green Party ( as an active, positive, local political presence," said Ms. Dotson.


Anitra Brockman for Cincinnati City Council


John Reeder for Arlington County Board
Mr. Reeder raised more funds for his campaign than the Democratic incumbent during the last two months of summer.

Mr. Reeder has stressed three themes throughout his campaign: cutting the county government's waste of hundreds of millions of dollars on vanity projects so that essential human services, libraries and schools can be funded; a stronger municipal environmental program banning plastic bags; and expanding recycling in apartments and free home energy audits; and preserving affordable rental apartments.

"Last year, I got 23% of the vote against an incumbent Democrat city councilwoman (county board supervisor). I expect to exceed that share against another incumbent Democrat," said Mr. Reeder, who noted that 2009 is the fourth year in a row that a Green candidate has run for county board in Arlington.


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"The Green Party announces new national party co-chairs"
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