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Green Party LogoGreens make gains in city council races across the US on Election Day 2009, with a 35% victory rate in municipal elections


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Monday, November 9, 2009

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Green Party beachhead in California: Greens take a majority of seats on Fairfax Town Council; see Preliminary Election Day results for Greens at

'Send a Green to Congress in 2010': Greens will reach out to voters who are disappointed by Obama and Dems but haven't forgotten eight years of GOP misrule under Bush

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party made a strong showing in city council races across the US on Election Day, November 3, 2009.

Greens now make up a majority on the Fairfax Town Council in Marin County, California, where first-place finisher Pam Hartwell-Herrero joins incumbents Lew Tremaine and Larry Bragman. Fairfax becomes the fourth municipality in the US to have a Green majority, following Arcata and Sebastopol in California and New Paltz in New York.

A list of Election Day highlights follows below. For a comprehensive report on Green results for Election Day 2009, visit the Green Party's web site ( More results will be listed on the page as they come in.

"The strong showing of Green candidates in 2009, especially among municipal candidates where Greens won 35% of all such races entered, shows that voters believe that Greens not only have good ideas but can govern effectively. When voters are given a positive alternative to the status quo, they will vote for it." said Green Party co-chair Mike Feinstein, a former Mayor and City Councilmember in Santa Monica, California. (35% is based on 47 Green victories out of 133 municipal races in 2009.)

The Green Party is now turning its attention to the 2010 election.

"Our slogan for the midterm election will be 'Send a Green to Congress in 2010.' The Green Party will reach out to voters who've been frustrated by the broken promises of change from the Obama White House and Democratic Congress but haven't forgotten eight years of disastrous Republican misrule under George W. Bush. We're reminding Americans that they have more than two choices on Election Day. A few Greens in Congress will change the whole dynamic of US politics, ending the narrow corporate-approved pro-war range of two-party ideas," said Ron Hardy, chair of the Green Party's Senatorial Campaign Committee (



Pam Hartwell-Herrero won her race for Fairfax Town Council in Marin County.. She finished first of seven candidates for three seats with 1,031 votes or 19.76% ( Ms. Hartwell-Herrero joins incumbent Greens Lew Tremaine and Larry Bragman to form the third Green majority on a city council in California, following Arcata (1996-1998) and Sebastopol (2000-2006). Fairfax is historically the fourth city council nationwide with a Green majority (New Paltz, New York, had a Green city council majority from 2003 to 2004).


John Russell won his race for New London City Council. He finished third of 14 candidates for seven seats. With three Democrats and three Republicans, Mr. Russell will be the tie-breaker in council votes. Ronna Stuller was elected to New London Board of Education, finishing fifth of out of fourteen candidates for seven seats.


Ray Meyer, state treasurer for the Iowa Green Party, was elected to Chariton City Council in Lucas County. Ray finished first of three candidates for three seats with 118 votes or 34.30%.


Kevin Donoghue was reelected to Portland City Council, District 1, finishing first of two candidates for one seat. David Marshall ran unopposed for Portland City Council District 2. (


Christine Nagle won her race for College Park City Council District 1, Prince George’s County. She finished second of five candidates for two seats with 281 votes or 28% ( Dan Robinson ran unopposed for re-election to Takoma Park Town Council, Ward 3 in Montgomery County, receiving 381 votes (


Chuck Turner reelected to Boston City Council (District 7), coming in first out of two candidates for one seat with 5,516 votes or 59.83% ( Mr. Turner's reelection comes as a rebuke to an FBI investigation based on accusations that Massachusetts Greens have called baseless ( Boston is the second largest city in the US with a Green City councilmemer (population approximately 600,000) following San Francisco (approximately 800,000).


Cam Gordon was reelected to Minneapolis City Council (Ward 2), finishing first out of two candidates for one seat. Annie Young was re-elected to Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, a position she has held since 1989. Greens in Minneapolis provide the only diversity on a city council that otherwise has only Democrats.


Jennifer Dotson ran unopposed for Ithaca Common Council Ward One in Tompkins County. ( Mary Jo Long was reelected to Afton Town Council in Chenango County (

Two Green candidates for major city councils in New York placed second in their races, with numbers that show increasing support for Greens and good prospects for future campaigns: Howie Hawkins for Syracuse City Council, 4th District (41%); Lynne Serpe, running against 'Democratic machine candidate' Peter Vallone for New York City Council in Astoria, Queens (23.44%). In a six-way race for two seats on the Kent Town Board, Jeff Green came within two percentage points behind the second place winner. More information:


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