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Green Party LogoGreen Party to host Digital Town Hall on Climate Change, featuring Green presidential candidate Jill Stein, Sept. 30


For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,
Ben Manski, Jill Stein Campaign Manager, 608 239 6915,

Green presidential candidate Jill Stein; Bill McKibben, author and climate change expert; Colin Beavan ("No Impact Man"), NY Green candidate for Congress will moderate

When & Where: Sunday, Sept. 30, 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST on the Green Party's Livestream Channel (

Event will take place on the Climate Change National Day of Action and three days before the first presidential debate; Greens say "Republicans are climate change deniers, Democrats are climate change evaders"

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party of the United States will host a 'Digital Town Hall' online on Sunday, September 30, as part of the party's Climate Change National Day of Action ( /

Green presidential nominee Jill Stein ( will answer questions and discuss action to curb the advance of catastrophic climate change during the broadcast, which will take place on the Green Party's Livestream Channel (

Bill McKibben, author and climate change expert (, will offer scientific, non-partisan background on the issue. (See "Global Warming's Terrifying New Math" by Mr. McKibben, Rolling Stone, July 19, 2012,

The moderator will be Colin Beavan ("No Impact Man"), Green candidate for Congress in New York's 8th District (

The Digital Town Hall will begin at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST. Viewers can participate by writing comments and questions in a chat box on the same page during the broadcast.

The Green Party of New York State ( has taken the lead on the Climate Change National Day of Action. New York Greens proposed the September 30 date because it falls a few days before the first presidential debate on Wednesday, October 3.

Green Party leaders predict that climate change will get minimal attention in the Obama-Romney debates and are demanding an invitation for Jill Stein to participate ( According to Greens, "Republicans are climate change deniers, Democrats are climate change evaders."

The Green Party has called for drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of fossil fuel consumption, and end to tax subsidies for fossil fuel and nuclear energy industries, expansion of public transportation to reduce car traffic, carbon taxes, energy conservation and new jobs in conservation, retrofitting of homes and buildings for energy efficiency, and cultivation of safe, clean energy sources.

Jill Stein has promoted the 'Green New Deal' as part of her campaign, with a plan to fight global warming and jumpstart the US economy by creating millions of new jobs in conservation, safe and clean energy technologies, retrofitting and rebuilding infrastructure, and other projects (

Greens have sharply criticized President Obama for adopting Sarah Palin's "Drill, baby, drill!" position on fossil fuels, for ignoring climate change during his first term, and for allowing mountaintop detonation mining, hydrofracking, offshore drilling in US coastal waters, and other environmental and public health threats to continue. Instead of trying to find more fossil fuel sources, we need to prevent the burning and conversion to greenhouse gases of 80% of the fossil fuel sources we already know about, say Green leaders.

The Obama Administration has attempted to remove the 2C goal (keeping the world's average temperature from rising more than two degrees Centigrade) from international negotiations on climate change. Both President Obama and Gov. Romney support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an international trade pact that will exempt powerful corporations from observing environmental and labor protections (


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