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For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805,

LeAlan Jones for U.S. House in Chicago, IL

Perry Redd for At-Large Council Member in Washington, DC

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WASHINGTON, DC -- Several Green Party candidates are drawing attention for their campaigns in local elections that will take place in April 2013. The candidates are profiled below.

"The Green vision for people, peace, and the planet is more needed than ever -- and it's gaining traction at the local level. Green officeholders are leading the charge for good-wage green jobs, for conservation, clean renewable energy and recycling, for local agriculture, well-funded public schools, rolling back tuition at public colleges and universities, for fareless public transportation, making corporations and the wealthy pay their share, supporting immigrant rights, and protecting forests, fisheries, open space, and the climate. Green officeholders have proven over and over that we can win local races. Green ideas work, and we are making life better for our communities and beyond," said Jill Stein, the Green Party's 2012 presidential nominee.

The Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala campaign is currently holding Green Campaign Schools to build Green candidates' campaign skills and help them win elections (

See also the Green Party's Candidates Page ( and Officeholders Page (

LEALAN M. JONES ( is the Green Party's candidate for the U.S. House in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois (2nd District) in the April 9 special election.

For a video profile of Mr. Jones, in which he talks about running for Congress in Chicago, see

When Mr. Jones ran as a Green in the 2010 election for the US Senate in Illinois, he drew equal support from McCain and Obama voters. During this race, an NBC commentator declared Mr. Jones the winner of a debate in which he wasn't allowed to participate (

In 1993, 13-year-old LeAlan Jones made headlines with his WBEZ-FM documentary "Ghetto Life 101" which he made with 14-year-old Lloyd Newman and producer David Isay. His honest portrayal of life on Chicago's south side earned him worldwide acclaim. He followed up his success with a tragic investigation into the murder of a five-year-old boy in a Chicago housing project entitled "Remorse: the 14 Stories of Eric Morse," for which he became the youngest recipient of the Peabody Award and Robert F. Kennedy Grand-Prize. Just before the 2008 election, Mr. Jones produced a follow-up to his first documentary for the BBC World Service called "Out of the Ghetto." He is currently a linebackers coach at Chicago's Simeon High School.

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PERRY REDD ( is the DC Statehood Green Party's candidate in a special election for At-Large Member of City Council in Washington, DC on April 23, 2013. He is competing against six Democrats and one Republican in the nonpartisan race, which will fill the seat vacated by Phil Mendelson, who was elected to Council Chair in 2012.

"We are running to seize this opportune time for change -- change to repair relationships with the people, change to gain confidence in our leadership, and change to include the voices muted by our government. We aim to do it different and get it right!" said Mr. Redd. "It's time for true democracy on our City Council."

"I recall when Mayor Vincent Gray ran for office, he coined the phrase 'One City'... That hasn't panned out, not necessarily because he didn't want it to, but because he allowed more of the same: political corruption and cronyism, disregard for the city residents and maintaining wealth disparity," he added.

The DC Statehood Green Party has major party status and ballot access in Washington, DC. In 2012 and other recent elections, Statehood Green candidates have collectively received more votes than Republican candidates, leading many to call Statehood Greens "DC's Second Party" in terms of election day numbers.

Perry Redd mentors men on their return from incarceration and has testified on numerous occasions before DC City Council on behalf of Returning Citizens. He has campaigned against DC's coming Walmarts, which degrade working people, in the "Respect DC" campaign and has served on WPFW-FM's Community Advisory Board for three years. Mr. Redd currently hosts the Internet radio show Socially Speaking ( and pens the weekly syndicated column "The Other Side of the Tracks" (

See also:
"Perry Redd, endorsed by DC Statehood Green Party, runs for At-Large Member of Council in the Washington, DC special election on April 23" (DC Statehood Green Party press release, Feb. 6,
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Green campaigns are also underway for elections to be held later in 2013. In Pennsylvania, York County Green Bill Swartz ( will compete for 95th District State Representative in a special election on May 21. He has been endorsed by the Green Party of Pennsylvania (

Cam Gordon and Annie Young are running for reelection in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mr. Gordon for his third term as Ward 2 member of City Council ( and Ms. Young for Citywide Park Commissioner ( In Ohio, seven Greens have declared their candidacies for the November 5 general election, with two candidates, Susie Beiersdorfer and Terry Esarco, participating in a contested Green primary on May 5 for Youngstown City Council President (


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