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Green Party LogoCobb/LaMarche on the Ballot in Tennessee


August 18, 2004

Blair Bobier, Media Director at 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596

Cobb/LaMarche on the Ballot in Tennessee, Green Party Ticket on Ballot in 30 States So Far.

NASHVILLE, TN -- Green Party vice presidential candidate Pat LaMarche will join members of the Green Party of Tennessee in Nashville today as they turn in the necessary petitions to qualify the Cobb-LaMarche campaign for Tennessee's November ballot. Tennessee brings to 30 the number of states for which the Green Party ticket has qualified so far.

LaMarche, the Maine Green Party's candidate for governor in 1998, will speak at a press conference in Room 30 of the Tennessee State Legislative Plaza, Nashville, at 3 p.m. today, before turning in the petitions.

"I'd like to express my gratitude to the dedicated members of the Green Party of Tennessee for proving their love and devotion to democracy.  I believe a majority of people share our opposition to the continued occupation of Iraq and join us in calling for universal health care, a living wage and a repeal of the 'Patriot' Act.," said LaMarche.

The Green Party of Tennessee has also been instrumental in the sponsorship of a debate to be held at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville on October 16 among candidates and representatives from at least six different political parties including the Green Party, the Libertarians, the Peace and Freedom Party and the Socialist Party.

Because of Tennessee's restrictive ballot access laws, the Green Party of Tennessee does not have its own ballot line.  Cobb-LaMarche will be listed as "Independent" on the Tennessee ballot.

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