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Green Party LogoCobb Claims More Ballot Lines


August 3, 2004

Blair Bobier, Media Director at 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596

Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois Bring Total to 29.

The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is on the ballot in four more states, bringing to 29 the total number of states for which the Green Party ticket has qualified so far.  Today, vice presidential candidate Pat LaMarche joins Iowa Greens as they submit their petition signatures to place the ticket on Iowa's ballot; LaMarche was in Nebraska yesterday with Nebraska Green Party members when they turned in their qualifying signatures.

Also yesterday, in a major accomplishment, Pennsylvania Green Party members turned in over 30,000 petition signatures to qualify the Cobb-LaMarche campaign for the Pennsylvania ballot.  Petition signatures were also turned in yesterday in Nebraska.

"We are continuing to succeed against all odds," said Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb.  "Restrictive ballot access laws, like the one in Pennsylvania, were created by Republicans and Democrats to keep other parties off the ballot.  They are just part of a series of anti-democratic rules and restrictions designed to keep citizens from participating in the democratic process.  Fortunately, the Green Party is not letting these obstacles prevent us from getting on the ballot, from continuing to build the fastest growing political party in the U.S. and from presenting a genuine alternative for peace, social and racial justice, a healthy environment and real, grassroots democracy."

The Cobb-LaMarche campaign plans to be on forty state ballots for the November election.  With write-in provisions in several other states, the campaign expects that voters in forty five states will be able to vote Green in the presidential election.

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