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Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Pat LaMarche Targets Bush Plan to Cancel the November Elections.

July 13, 2004

Blair Bobier, Media Director at 541.752.3322 or 414.364.1596
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"Fool Us Once, Shame on You, Fool Us Twice..."

The Cobb-LaMarche campaign today issued the following statement from Green Party vice presidential candidate Patricia "Pat" LaMarche:

"Shame on you, George Bush.  You have waged war on our schools with 'no child left behind,' you have waged war on our women with your unabashed attack on our rights, you have waged war on the poor with your deficit-fueling spending and tax cuts, you have waged war on our liberty with the 'USA Patriot Act' and you have waged war in the world with your vendetta-settling invasion of Iraq.  Now our democracy has come into your cross hairs.

The recent Newsweek report that the Bush administration is looking for a way to 'postpone' the election in case of a terrorist attack will hopefully be the last straw.  How much further does this horrible president have to go before the American people and our elected officials realize that he has no intention of serving the country or protecting anything but his power? 

We all continue to grieve the losses of September 11th.  Our grief is justified, but it should not be used to fuel our fear.  President Bush has enlisted our fear as his greatest ally in his war against our Democracy.  He subverted the election process in 2000 with the assistance of his brother and Al Gore lacked the strength to do what an elected president should do:  Fight to defend the will of the people and the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

And now we the people, as the stewards and protectors of our country, must not allow the last vestiges of this republic to be stolen from us by this man and his entourage.  The country is certainly in dangerous water.  Our credibility is in a shambles and our nation is at war.  What better time for an election?  Mr. Bush needs to pay attention to a great Republican president who would not cancel the election for his second term, Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln was right: with war raging in more than a dozen states, people made it to the polls to do what democracies demand that they do--participate in their government."

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