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Cobb: Renewables Will Energize Economy.


August 16, 2004

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Trade Deficit and Oil Prices Hit New Highs

Green presidential candidate David Cobb said today that creating renewable energy independence for the United States would bolster our ailing economy and create millions of jobs.  

The federal government reported on Friday that the U.S. trade deficit in June was a record $55.82 billion while energy prices showed their largest increase in six months.

"Our addiction to oil is literally killing us," said Cobb.  "Our oil dependence is polluting our air and water, ruining our economy and is the driving force behind a reckless and immoral foreign policy."

"Developing non-polluting, renewable energy sources is the best single thing we can do to revitalize and stabilize our economy, protect our environment, create jobs, provide energy security and increase community control of energy production.  Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and biodiesel, can be generated locally which make them less vulnerable to disruptions and attacks and more compatible with public ownership and democratic management," concluded Cobb.

Over fourteen million jobs have been created in alternative energy fields to date and millions more are anticipated in the coming years, according to Worldwatch Institute.  A recent report by Worldwatch says that "in 2003, an estimated $20.3 billion - about one-sixth of total global investment in power generation
equipment - was invested in new renewables. Within the next decade, this is expected to approach $85 billion annually."

Cobb said that "instead of subsidizing the oil companies we can create millions of jobs in the booming alternative energy industry to make sure the energy component of our trade dollars stay at home.  This will erase the trade deficit, strengthen the dollar and keep inflation down, in addition to all the other social and environmental benefits of clean energy."  

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