News Release - Wednesday October 03, 2001

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Greens Rally Behind the Call for Justice Without Vengeance.

A call for the September 11 attacks to be treated as an international crime against humanity instead of a motivation for war.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Green Party of the United States participated in various rallies and other events this past weekend urging the U.S. to avoid military strikes and incursions in retaliation for the September 11 attacks. Greens call for an international response based on justice instead of vengeance, a response that avoids further shedding of innocent blood -- including more American casualties -- and which does everything possible to avert war.

"The Green Party opposes military strikes," said Anita Rios, an Ohio Green and member of the party's national steering committee. "The only truly patriotic strategy is one in which peace is the outcome.  Peace is the only outcome that can guarantee the safety of all Americans, justice for the victims of the terrible attacks and their survivors, and relief for Afghanis suffering an economic disaster under a repressive regime." 

Party organizers held a national Green forum on a democratic response to the current crisis on Saturday, at the University of the District of Columbia.

Sam Smith, author, journalist, and editor of The Progressive Review (http://prorev.com)  and a guest speaker at the forum, said, "We will not accept lectures about patriotism from those who have spent the last decade undermining American democracy and sovereignty in the name of free trade." 

Greens note that a schism has grown within the Bush Administration on how the U.S. will deal with terrorism and the recent attacks. On one side, Secretary of State Colin Powell counsels a NATO-based policy, with international cooperation and a temporary delay of counterstrikes. President Bush himself expressed this approach in his address to the nation on September 20.

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The other side of the schism is reflected in the recommendations of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to treat the September 11 attacks as a conventional war and commence retaliatory assaults as soon as possible. This view is supported by bloodthirsty calls for war from some op-ed pages, and by Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, who said on September 23 that the U.S. wouldn't rule out a nuclear strike (CBS Face the Nation). Worlfowitz has urged strikes against Iraq, despite the lack of evidence of Iraq's complicity in the September 11 attacks.

"The Green Party calls for a response that will prevent war and will promote justice," said Jane Hunter, Vice-Chair of the Green Party of New Jersey. "We caution against strikes, regardless of which body undertakes them. These will inevitably lead to more deaths of civilians, as in the U.S. and NATO raids against Iraq and the Balkans during the 1990s. The U.S. definition of terrorism is likely to include acts committed against the U.S. and its close allies (such as western Europe and Israel), but not attacks for which the U.S. and its close allies bear some responsibility."

"If bin Laden masterminded the September 11 attacks, he should be tried for crimes against humanity by an international tribunal. It is sad and ironic that the U.S. has been reluctant in the past to support such a body. Greens call for immediate support for a tribunal such as the International Criminal Court. Treating the attacks as international crimes against humanity instead of acts of war will ensure us the  cooperation of Muslim states and the rest of the world." 

Greens insist that the U.S. and international community must apply the definition of terrorism and the rule of international law consistently around the globe.

"The U.S. should take the lead by being responsible for our own policies," said Starlene Rankin, Illinois Green Party Media Coordinator. "And let's work to create a non-violent, non-militarist society where we make the effort to resolve conflicts peacefully." 

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News Release - Wednesday October 03, 2001

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