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Greens, Praising the Gonzalez Campaign in San Francisco, See a Promise of Future Victory.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders across the U.S. congratulated and praised Matt Gonzalez, the Gonzalez campaign, and San Francisco Greens for their well run campaign for Mayor of San Francisco in the Tuesday, December 9 runoff election. Gonzalez, who will maintain his position as president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, conceded to Democrat Gavin Newsom after Newsom won a closely watched race.

"Matt and the San Francisco Green Party have a lot to be proud of," said Juscha Robinson, co-chair of the Coordinated Campaign Committee of the Green Party of the United States. "This was a model Green campaign, with lots of young people, formerly alienated voters, and especially progressive Democrats. Matt was an outstanding candidate with a strong Green message. He were outspent over 8 to 1 by the Gavin campaign. It's a defeat that shows us a promise of future Green victory."

Greens compared the resources of the two candidates:

  • Newsom, spending over $3.6 million, much of it money from real estate, developers, and other corporate interests, with a paid staff of professional campaign organizers, and with 54% of the city registered Democrat, received 53% of the vote. Newsom spent about $31 for each vote.

  • Gonzalez, spending $400,000 and refusing corporate contributions, with an all volunteer campaign, and with 3% of the city registered Green, received 47%. Gonzalez spent about $4 for each vote. Much of Gonzalez's support came from Democrats alienated by the pro-corporate "centrism" of millionaire Newsom and outgoing Mayor Willie Brown.

"The race was seen as a referendum on the strength of the Democratic Party in San Francisco," said Jo Chamberlain, California Green and co-chair of the national party. "But the Newsom victory showed that the Democratic establishment depends on large transfusions of corporate money to maintain power. It was obvious that they were panicked by Matt's lead in the polls in the final weeks of the race -- they even brought in Bill Clinton and Al Gore."

"Matt Gonzalez is still president of the Board of Supervisors," said Starlene Rankin, also a California Green, and Lavender Green Caucus delegate to the national party. "The Green Party is a permanent part of the San Franciso and California political scene, the party is growing, and we'll surely see other Greens run and get elected. Gavin Newsom cannot take his victory for granted, and if he serves his big business campaign backers instead of the people who elected him, a Green will be waiting in the wings."

"The challenge for Greens in San Francisco will be to maintain and continue to build the base of support that emerged in the Gonzalez campaign, to translate those diverse votes into registrations and active party members," added Mark Barnes, a member of the San Francisco Green Party's Voter Registration Working Group.


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