September 8, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes
Sunday, Sept 8, 2013 – 8:00 p.m. ET

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call -Jesse Townley, Tamar Yager, Starlene Rankin, Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Darryl! Moch, Charles Ostdiek. Absent: Karen Young. Observer: Katey Culver

a. Cash report to date – Here’s our August month end. $2404.33 is in savings for committees and caucuses. Total of $1578.61 is in the general accounts for payroll on 9/6. Over $2700.00 in checks are held, so payroll is covered.We owe Red Sun Press and David Doonan a total of $7,487.69; Internal Debt of loans and state sharing total $23,176.40: for a grand total of $30,665.44.

b. Fundraising – A 7-week phone banking project is about to begin. A mailing just went out and should provide returns in about 10 days.

c. Forgiving state sharing – discussed the pros and cons of asking for states to forgive state sharing still owed from 2009 – 2011.

d. New Orleans / Louisiana funds – There is new activity in LA and they may need the funds (about $400) that they turned over to us.

e. BAC request for AR – $1000 approved.

f. printer purchase – still on track to buy with special donation.

g. merchandise purchases w/deferred loan repayment funds -Some merchandise loaners say they will allow their funds to be used for additional inventory purchases instead of being immediately repaid to them out of recent merchandise sales as agreed in the loan proposal that passed in June.

i. Intro to budget process – Jeff sent out spreadsheet schedule for 2014 budget activity, including special Fincom, Fundcom and SC meetings required.


In the queue:
723 – Approval of Susan Chunco for membership on the GPUS Finance Committee.
(from GPCA). Voting 9/1-8.

724 – Approval of Hank Bardel for continued membership on the GPUS Finance Committee. (from FinCom). Voting 9/1-8. Short of quorum. Several delegates voted for 723 and not 724.

725 – SC Co-chair Vacancy Election. Voting 9/9-15.

Received for the queue:None

IV. Report from the 2013 Election Tabulation Committee – GPUS Steering Committee Election for Co-chairs and secretary. Forwarded to the SC on 9/3. Also sent to NC. Budd will research next step.

V. Staff Supervision – Approval of Fundraiser Job Description – Long discussion about whether this ready to be approved. We are very close. Jeff requested more time and we decided to have final approval on next call.

VI. Forum Manager Review, Recommendations for Listserv and Communication Policy. Need a 3rd Forum Manager. Holly and Starlene are working on nominations. Starlene is writing up a Forum Manager proposal.

VII. Committee Liaison Reports

Darryl! – Still having difficulty getting DivCom back up. He is not on BRPP listserv yet; some interest in restarting it. DRC also has some interest in restarting.

Jesse – Platcom is talking about the procedures for the 2014 amendment process.

Starlene – BAC and PCSC have had no activity since last meeting. Media is working hard on Syria issue.

Charles – Will observe Fincom call this coming week. IC is working with Media on Syria issue.

VIII. Check in on developments of the threat to attack Syria. Discussed our response to the President and Congress and how we’ll mobilize Greens if it does happen.

IX. Executive Session – potential candidates. No decisions made.

Budd Dickinson