Submitting a letter of interest for hosting the GPUS 2006 Annual National Meeting

Posted October 10, 2005

We are asking states that have an interest in hosting the 2006 ANM to please send a letter of interest by October 30th. Please send the letter to Ruth Weill at and Joni Leviness at Note that a complete proposal will be due later and the letter of interest is just that. Please note that the state party must be in full support and should indicate that in the letter.

Request for Proposal

When: Summer for 3 to 5 days.

Attendance: 200 – 250 including delegates, committee members, media people, etc.

Space needs: One space that can seat 120 delegates in some circular or horseshoe (not theater style) fashion, workshop spaces and rooms in close proximity if possible, also a Press Room and HQ’s

Desired location: Hopefully a region which has not hosted the convention in recent years. Close to an urban hub for transportation reasons desired.

Letter of Interest*: By Oct. 30

Complete proposal: No later than Dec. 14th

Proposal: Web based proposal is most desirable
Process: forwarded to the National Committee for discussion and an IRV vote to select the host location. Location determined: Based upon voting

Financial arrangements:

GPUS handles and is responsible for financial arrangements for the meeting including reservation expenses. Local/state commitment: It is essential that there are a good many local Greens who are able and willing to work both on planning the meeting with this committee (including a conference call every two weeks) and at the meeting itself. There should be at least three people locally on the ground who can set up and attend meetings with convention planners at proposed venues, have both e-mail and some cell phone contact. Both the state and local party if applicable should be involved and supportive and be willing to help promote convention. During the convention itself having at least 5-15 local volunteers is advisable. Major assistance with meal planning and other venue related issues until staffer comes on board. If the staffer is not from the area the local party will assist staffer to the best of their ability. Note that the ANMC will advise and direct as needed and requested. Please send questions, comments, suggestions, and proposals to Ruth Weill at and Joni LeViness at This process
works best when there is ongoing communication while a local/state is determining if it wishes to host the meeting.

*Communication is KEY to locate any possible help needed in the process of submitting a formal proposal.



2005 ANNUAL MEETING Hosting Proposal
We recommend that your proposal address at minimum these questions
the venue (meeting spaces):
– Estimated costs
– Dates of availability
– Capacity
– Venue services including Internet availability and other technical needs
– Extent unionized
– Other Green considerations
– Transportation services
We recommend that your proposal address at minimum these questions regarding housing:
– Estimated costs
– Dates of availability
– Type of accommodations: as many details as possible is helpful
– Extent unionized
– Other Green considerations
We recommend that your proposal address at minimum these questions regarding the host location in general:
– Public transportation within city and convention area –
Transportation services to site from airports and train/bus stations
– Commitment of local Greens to volunteer for planning and for event
– Special political/cultural/ecological attractions
– Food options (catering, restaurants, etc) including vegan and vegetarian options
– Green Friendly businesses/orgs. in area. No proposal will be considered unless it has the formal support of the both the local and state-level Green Party in question.