Tucson Proposal

2006 Green Party Annual National Meeting Proposal

The GPUS Annual National Meeting Committee (ANMC) is pleased to present a proposal to the GNC from the Arizona Green Party to host the 2006 GPUS Annual National Meeting in Tucson Arizona.

Information about the venue, housing, transportation, and Tucson area is included in the proposal site linked by to the voting page (http://www.pimagreens.org/gpusanm/index.html).

Additionally, the ANMC is submitting the following information to clarify some costs associated with the event.

The meeting budget approved by the Green National Committee totaled $20,000 for the total meeting costs to be covered by the delegates. The ANMC, in cooperation with the meeting hosts, have lowered those costs to $17,850, mainly through lower venue costs, and hope to find ways to lower those costs further. Registration fees will be based on the total costs divided by the estimated number of paid registrations. Please note that these costs do not include funds for the Diversity Committee to send 15 delegates from underrepresented groups or funds to cover the travel and lodging costs of the office staff or Steering Committee, which are accounted for in the general GPUS budget.

The venue costs ($5,850) include:

1) YWCA facilities ($1600 for 4 days)
A. Auditorium (For plenaries. This area once included a swimming pool, and then the gymnasium, back in the day, but now is floored over and houses the theatre group and other large events.)
B. One decent sized conference room.
C. Three smaller rooms (approx 12X15 feet, for 20 people or less)
D. Vestibule to the auditorium, for registration, and small room off of vestibule.
E. Shared use of building lobby, for information tables, vendors on the weekend, etc
F. An enclosed courtyard with patio, and a smaller enclosed sun room, where delegates may congregate or picnic

2) Paulo Freire Freedom School ($1500 for 3 days)
A. A staffed computer room, which has 40 laptop computers, powered by a satellite dish, with web and e-capacity, available 9am-9pm.
B. Two large classrooms

3) We will also need to rent tables for the plenary meetings, which will add an additional $750 to the venue costs and have budgeted $2000 for audio-visual equipment.

This will bring the entire costs for the meeting to approximately $17,850, which includes:
Personnel – $4,000; Venue – $5,850; Materials – $2,550; Travel – $2,800; Other Costs – $2,650. For an expected 150 paid registrations, the estimated registration fee would come to $120 per registrant.

The host proposal site linked to the voting page also includes the following lodging options:
1) Dorm rooms (www.life.arizona.edu) available at the following rates: $29/night/single, $42/night double – full service rate; $22/night/single, $36/night/double – limited service rate, $19/night/single, $28/night/double – basic service rate).

2) Inexpensive hotel – Flamingo 1-800-300-3533
$40 single, $50 double, $56 if 4 or 4 (on two queen beds). Bus service plus some walking.

3) Medium hotel – Sheraton 4 Points, Tucson [This is the one on the other side of campus, and requires a bus ride]
$60 for 2, $5@ extra for 3-5 in a room, with one in a rollaway, with 10 or more rooms. and Best Western Royal Inn 6 blocks, $75 for double.

4) Expensive hotel – Marriott, University 1-520-792-4100
$104 for single or double, $15/ person up to four per room, w 10 or more rooms.

5) Cheapest – Roadrunner Hostel 346 E 12th St
$18/night (far side of downtown, 3-4 miles away, bus plus walking, and transfer)

The ANMC will be working with the host committee to prepare meal plans to make available to delegates. In addition, there are many nearby options for delegates who choose to eat on their own.