A Call to Action

Call to Action – Sponsor Youth Caucus

Platform Preamle

Platform Preamble – Sponsor NE

I. Democracy

D: Foreign Policy – Sponsor GPAX

II. Social Justice

A. Civil Rights and Equal Rights –  Sponsor National Lavender Caucus

A. Civil Rights & Equal Rights / Rights of the Disabled – Sponsor Youth Caucus

A. Civil Rights and Equal Rights / Youth Rights – Sponsor TX

A. 5 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity – Sponsor National Lavender Caucus

De-Criminalization of Sex Work – Multiple Sponsors

E. Education – Sponsor CO

F. Health Care, AIDS HIV – Sponsor Lavender Caucus

III. Ecological Sustainability

A: Climate Change & B: Energy – Sponsor NY

A. Climate Change, Carbon Sequestration Using Ecological Restoration – Sponsor Youth Caucus

A. Regnerative Agriculture – Sponsor PlatCom

H: Water, Protecting the Great Lakes – Sponsor PlatCom

H. Water, Municipal Water Systems – Sponsor Platcom

K: Ethical Treatment of Animals – Sponsor CA

K. Ethical Treatment of Animals (2nd submission) – Sponsor CA

N. Population Pressures and Resource Depletion – Sponsor PlatCom

IV. Economic Justice & Sustainability

D: Livable Income – Sponsor NE

E: Fair Taxation – Sponsor NE

E.  Fair Taxation – Sponsor Youth Caucus

I: Monetary and Banking Reform – Sponsor NE

I: Insurance Reform – Sponsor NE

I: Broader Financial Industry Reforms – Sponsor NE

M: Economic Justice and Sustainability  – Sponsor NE