Chapter III Section K: Captivity of Cetaceans

The following proposals were put to a vote among Animal Rights Committee members on September 23, discussion occurred on the listserv, and final votes were tallied on September 29.

Quorum was achieved and the following three proposed amendments were approved by the majority on September 29 for new planks under GPUS platform Chapter III Section K (III. Ecological Sustainability K. Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Green Party Animal Rights Committee
Co-chair, Mary Lawrence,
Co-chair, Craig Seeman,

III.K. Ethical Treatment of Animals:
“Oppose captivity of cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) for entertainment and/or commercial profit. End the capture and exploitation of cetaceans for entertainment purposes in marine parks and aquariums and captive breeding programs to maintain entertainment stock. Support funding for the development of sanctuaries for cetaceans which may be transitional or permanent depending on the evaluation of the cetaceans involved.”

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