Chapter III Section K: Plant Based Diet

The following proposals were put to a vote among Animal Rights Committee members on September 23, discussion occurred on the listserv, and final votes were tallied on September 29.

Quorum was achieved and the following three proposed amendments were approved by the majority on September 29 for new planks under GPUS platform Chapter III Section K (III. Ecological Sustainability K. Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Green Party Animal Rights Committee
Co-chair, Mary Lawrence,
Co-chair, Craig Seeman,

III.K. Ethical Treatment of Animals: Plant Based Diet
“Encourage a plant-based diet to reduce methane gas emissions that contribute to climate change, reduce animal suffering, reduce animal waste runoff in waterways, reduce animal consumption of grain that could feed the impoverished, and for improved health, among other reasons.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter III Section K: Plant Based Diet”

  1. I would vote against this in its present form, as a part of Ethical Treatment of Animals. How about stating this more in terms of encouraging not eating so much at the top of the food chain or reducing the consumption of meat to help stop factory farming etc – the health issue would require some background and there is not consensus on this in the party, also we know that grain is not going to go to feed the the “impoverished”. This needs some work.

  2. If Greens don’t know that a predominantly whole food plant based diet is healthiest, then they need to unlearn the propaganda of big Pharma, big meat, big dairy and big egg; I recommend the website of Dr. Michael Greger called but also the bodies of work of the following experts:
    Dr. John McDougall
    Dr. T Colin Campbell
    Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
    Nathan Pritikin
    Dr. Doug Lisle
    Dr. Alan Goldhamer

    Dr. John McDougall has been reversing diabetes and heart disease in his patients for decades. Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know how to do it. Greens need to be savvy about corporate scams like this one. Also, the only way to bring down the unsustainable costs of health care is to heal people through solid science based methods rather than maintain people in a perpetual state of sickness. Capitalism benefits by keeping people sick and paying. Greens want radiant health for all.

    1. Excellent info, thanks! I find myself trying to guide people towards Greger. Especially the types who are fairly bright, but have been misled by “science” propaganda to believe eating animal products is healthy. Greger is 100% evidence based.

  3. Everyone, please note that “plant based” does not mean no animal agriculture. It simply means a diet comprised mostly of plants. Look it up.

    I would delete “and for improved health” simply because I do not think we should claim health benefits in this section.

    Otherwise, I support this proposal.

  4. It is short and sweet and I could live with that.
    As a vegan activist, it is a bit limp, though, and I would prefer a much stronger statement, and am in agreement with what Aimee stated.
    Given the depth and breadth of scientific evidence, acknowledged for years by organizations like WHO and United Nations, I would hope the Green Party could come out a little stronger on this topic which so ties in, though subtlely, to economic issues, environment, human health, animal rights and social justice.
    This is important because it ties in to the growing social justice movement that many young people are keenly aware of and active in (and unfortunately not as many of us older folks). Among my 17 year old daughters dozen or so closest friends, I believe they are all vegetarian or vegan except for 1 or 2 (mostly whose stodgy old parents are standing in their way).
    I would boldly state that “For the Health of Planet, Humans, and Animals, We urge transition to a Plant Based Diet”.

  5. I agree with you all and that this could be stronger, the health issue is BIG. “For the Health of Planet, Humans, and Animals, We urge transition to a Plant Based Diet”.

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