Chapter III Section M. Ocean Protection

Proposal: Additional Note to Ocean Protection

Proposal brought to committee; Discussion period & brief hiatus ensued; Call for consensus and additional discussion period followed (no objections/changes raised); Proposal passed via consensus on 8/16/2019 8:13pm.

Committee / Co-Chair Info: Eco-Action Committee / Co-Chairs
Audrey Clement & Tim Worts,,

Author Contact Info:
Tim Worts, (973) 303-6354,

Proposal: Add as new note #15
Section Title: M. Ocean Protection (N if new point G takes effect)
Section Subtitle: Green Solutions

Proposed Changes:

15. Support an international agreement for the full cleanup of all plastic waste currently in our oceans, with a focus on heavily polluted international waters and environmentally sensitive ecosystems in areas like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the Great Barrier Reef.

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One thought on “Chapter III Section M. Ocean Protection”

  1. Love this concept. Would you consider removing the word “all” in this line:
    Support an international agreement for the full cleanup of all plastic waste…

    All is obviously impossible since so much of the plastic has been pummeled into tiny tiny pieces.

    Also, when stating “currently in our oceans” that doesn’t include the plastic that will be dumped in the future. Should the word “currently” be deleted? I understand the reasoning, but not sure it is best to use that term.

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