2022 Chapter II. Social Justice. Section F Health Care (new section)

Name of party/caucus/committee:
National Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States
co-chair contact information:
Darryl! Moch, nubianphoenix1@gmail.com
Trahern Crews, traherncrews@gmail.com

Contact Information for author or designated contact person:
James Lane, 269 12th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919, VoteJamesLane@gmail.com

Chapter of the platform and letter of plank being addressed; or, if introducing new material, chapter and section where new plank should appear:

II. Social Justice (New Plank): Informed Consent, Bodily Autonomy, End Surveillance

The Green Party adheres to the principle that Informed Consent in all personal health and medical decisions is an inalienable human right.

Under no circumstances shall any medical treatment or procedure — including psychotropic medications, vaccines and/or other injectable treatments — be mandated or coerced. Individuals should be allowed to protect/heal themselves in a manner that best supports their medical and spiritual beliefs.

The coercive methods we oppose include:

Threats to personal health information privacy at every level
Discrimination and/or lack of access to public education, public housing, or other public services
Removal of minors from their guardians
Any travel restrictions and/or restrictions from public spaces based on a requirement for “vaccine passports” or any other proof of “compliance” with any medical intervention
Vaccine requirements that target specific populations based on ethnicity / race, even if positioned as correcting disparities

We further oppose the use of privacy-invasive technology and artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring systems (including facial recognition, fingerprint apps, tracking cell phones or any other personal electronic devices and credit score systems) as a way to monitor and track the movements and/or restrict the rights of individuals to freely exist and assemble as they choose, especially when applied to personal health care choices.

One thought on “2022 Chapter II. Social Justice. Section F Health Care (new section)”

  1. The main reason it failed is because there are no provisions or mention of the counterbalancing needs:
    1) for people to take consideration of the public good and the needs of others in their personal decisions;
    2) mention of the precautionary principle, especially in the case of new emergent situations (for example, precautionary principles early during the sars-corona virus 19 epidemic, when we did not know enough (eg social distancing, wearing masks)

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