2004 National Committee Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2004 9am CC meeting

Steering Committee
Doing well
Now have electoral committees
Need to move forward with voter registration
Need organization of volunteers
The Convention is expected to come in under budget

Lavender Caucus
Involved with Diversity Committee
Lots of Lavender Greens running
Maryland asked about youth outreach
Not on the national level
Some state chapters have youth outreach
Are now accredited

Accreditation Committee
Presidential candidates must now be on the ballot in most states
Black and Lavender Caucuses are now accredited

Communication Committee
If you don’t like it, join the committee
Translators needed for website and press releases
Have ten languages, need more
Suggested breaking into two separate committees
IT and Media
Need a connection outside the internet
More door-to door
More newsletters
No more technology
What if it breaks down?
No disaster plan
Any e-mail protocol?
Just basic politeness

Officeholders’ Network
Thanks to CC for adopting bylaws with fiscal responsibility
Working to connect elected Greens with GPUS, states, and each other
Question from floor: How determined who is an elected “Green”?
Answer: Registration and election laws vary; working on this

Women’s Caucus
Submitted accreditation application
Articles submitted to Green Pages
Want to work for children more
Seen, heard, and believed
Passed by-laws
Diversity Committee members can be appointed
There is a membership list

Credentials Committee
Rules are complex
Developed an application
Can’t issue credentials without paperwork
Approximately 600 delegates expected

Start planning convention earlier

New full-time political Director
Elections are this weekend
Need more people to run
Ballot Access Working Group
Lack of Participation
Lack of Financial Support and Organization

Dispute Resolution Committee
Starting to work on by-laws
Just getting going
Working on structure
Need to establish trust and confidence
Think about having a committee with no permanent members
A committee that meets only when needed
What disputes go to committee
Be aware of cultural differences

June 24, 2004 1pm CC meeting

Media Committee
New DC-based Media Reporter
News circulator
Currently producing radio ads
Looking for Greens with Dramatic voices
New Online Press-kit
Need to get people on Talk show
Looking for celebrity/well known Greens

International Committee
Need to make Policy Statements
Threats to Cuba
Introductions of numerous International guests

Finding it is easier to make decisions over the internet
Looking to elaborate the Voting page of the website
Sticking to a subject line
Points of Order introduced to Facilitator
Question to use Roberts Rules of order as a fallback when there are no other rules specified
A Straw poll found more against
Would like to be able to Amend and change things in the online system
A person can take feedback and change things
Point of Order
Proposals can’t be changed unless they are voted down
New Idea:
Send in Formal Reports
An Administrator will collect the amendments
An IRV vote will take place on the proposal with amendments and sans
The Presenter and the CC retain control of the Amendments
Texas brought up the point of how the amendments move forward
Concern was expressed over when ownership transitions to the CC
Amendments should be made in the CC
Maine proposed that if 1/3 of the States want to vote on an issue, it would override the SC
Tennessee expressed concern not to allow things to move too quickly through the CC

Platform Committee
Working to insure that Platform is accessible to all Greens
Want to go beyond the CC to include open membership
Electronic Communication Implemented
Did not go well
Bulletin Board was shut down for fear it would be infiltrated
Needed to address issues in Foreign policy, and did.
Currently updating technology
Any material submitted had to be approved by either a member state party or an accredited caucus to be included but all reasonable submissions were sent around for comment
Major issues with new platform got little disagreement
They Rely on the CC to get the word out on the new Platform
Errors in the booklet
Table of Contents is at the end
Preamble is the middle
Section 1 starts out the packet
Section 3 actually comes after Section 4
Postscripts come directly after the Preamble
Plan Book
There is a need for objectivity
Need to stay informed
More Web Accessible Feedback

Proposal for Electing the SC
One proposal with three sections
Each Section to be voted on Separately
If the proposal doesn’t pass, elections will be held with old process
Section 1
Nominations can be opened on the Floor
Can be nominated on Friday
Will be voted on Sunday
No limit on Nominations
Section 2
Each Candidate must receive 1/n+1 of the votes
Position stays empty until on line election if not filled
Ensures some support for members
Surplus votes are redistributed
Section 3
Any vacancies are voted on in online elections
Eliminates alternate seats
Seats filled with those who are committed
Two elections will be held
Three two year terms
Three one year terms
Has it been considered to hold an online vote after the alternate has declined to serve?
It hasn’t come up
How does the surplus get redistributed
Each second candidate gets a percentage
Suggested that we wait a year to allow for discussion with people at home
Goes against state parties having a vote of acceptance
Section 2
Simplify language
Threshold too low
Section 3
Online vote if an alternate is unwilling or unable to serve
Allow alternates, but don’t allow them to vote.

In favor reopening nominations on the floor (section 1)
52 yes
19 no
7 abstain
motion passes
In favor of 1/n+1 majority Droop method for elections (section 2)
72 yes
8 no
3 abstain
motion passes
In favor of filling vacancies with online vote no amendments (Section 3)
65 yes
23 no
2 abstain
motion passes
June 25, 2004 9am CC meeting

Point of Order
Motion to approve the agenda
61 yes
15 no
3 abstain
motion passes
Concern that SC is moving too quickly
Question over why agenda should not be approved
Concern that the issue won’t get discussed
Concern of the needs of the minority in the voting process
Concern that the CC needs Unity
Concern over PR for the Convention
Country will see that the Green Party isn’t cohesive
Massachusetts motion was being ignored
Concern for the Delegates and the rules that constrain them
Concern over by-laws

Original vote disregarded because of a failure in procedure 13 members not willing to stand aside
Proposal to accept agenda as read no amendments
27 yes
60 no
motion failed
Issues the members want discussed (time needed to discuss)
Create separate committee to review the following issues (30 minutes)
Modify Rules for vote counting by simple majority (15)
Are the delegates allowed to change rules handed down by the CC (15)
Massachusetts Proposals
Missouri still needs to collect signatures (5)
Voting Elimination Process (5)
Speaker for No Candidate position (5)
Discuss the Endorsement process (15)
After majority go to endorse
If no endorsement, back to the nominating process

Steering Committee recommends that the CC reconvene at 1:30 to discuss the previous issues.

Concern expressed over setting and sticking to time limits
Concern over not having language on the proposals
Proposals not in writing are inappropriate
Concern that they should have introduced weeks ago
There have been 9 other versions of the agenda and issues should have been raised earlier so delegates would have had time to discuss with state officials
[SC caucused in a corner]
Concern issues will be cut for expediency
Concern about scheduling conflicts this afternoon
Press conference
Platform Committee

Amendment accepted as friendly
Will accept written proposals already stated before the CC with a time allotment
Reconvene at 1:30
15 people not willing to stand aside
51 yes
45 no
motion passed

Labor Greens
Million Worker March on October 17, 2004

Diversity Committee
Be more inclusive
Don’t let the money rule the party
Try to see more indigenous people from each state
Stronger Women’s Caucus
Stronger Youth Caucus
Present of the Party
On the cusp of accreditation

Fundraising Committee
30-40 thousand for direct mail company
New fundraiser coordinater
Kara Mullins
Available for support
United, excited, and credible brings in the money
$15,000 from last internal direct mailing
lowest response ever
Committee needs to expand
One member from each state

Finance Committee
Monthly reports can be found on the website
Database Working Group
Makes everything more efficient

Black Caucus
Recently Accredited
Expanding numbers
Unity comes from struggle
Take DC Statehood seriously
Racist roots
Look at the Voter X-Change Proposal
Unveiled new banner
Symbol from Ghana
2 crocodiles
Democracy and Diversity
SC and CCC Nominations
Short speeches from SC nominees

Friday June 25, 2004 PM session

Facilitation Team Kevin Mckeown, Jane Hunter

6 presentations as to what issues to take up in this session. Majority votes needed to get on agenda Proposal 1 presented by Gary Novosilski of NJ: CC agreed to discuss the rule by a vote of 53 y 47 n 1 a Proposal 2 Give time in the candidates’ speeches for the no candidate position: placed on the agenda, vote not recorded Proposal 3 from MA presented by Gil Obler and Betty Zisk. Remove need to get 10% in second and further rounds to stay on ballot, keeping provision to eliminate candidate receiving least number of votes: placed on agenda, 52 y 39 n 9 a Proposal 4 from MA presented by Gil Obler and Betty Zisk dramatically reduce the number of signatures a candidate needs to speak at the convention: Placed on agenda Proposal 5 Proposal from MS presented by Victor Fleitas to have the convention vote on its floor rules: CC decided not to take this up. Proposal 6 FL change endorsement rules: CC decided not to take this up by 34 y 69 n 5 a 2/3 votes need to change rules

Floor debate and votes on the 4 proposals the CC voted to accept for debate and decision
Proposal 1. From NJ: Votes for candidates who have been declared ineligible shall be counted as present and voting for the purpose of determining a majority.

(This would have replaced previous language on abstentions)

32 yes, 63 no, 3 abstain. Did not pass

Proposal 2. The National Nominating Convention of the Green Party of the United States shall provide equal time for a speaker for the no candidate, no endorsement position.

Equal time is defined as a time equal to that provided for each of the presidential candidates.

A caucus of the delegates who favor the no candidate position will choose the No Candidate speaker and report the name to the Election Administrator by 9:00 Am Saturday June 26, 2004.

66 yes, 29 no, 7 abstain. Passes

Proposal 3. Change the paragraph that reads ” At the completion of the second and all subsequent rounds, any candidate who received less than 10% of the vote in that round shall become ineligible. Should all candidates have received in excess of 10% of the vote in the round, the lowest vote-getter from that round shall become ineligible. “No Nominee” shall remain an option through all rounds of voting. ”

To read as ” At the completion of the second and all subsequent rounds, the lowest vote-getter from that round shall become ineligible. “No Nominee” shall remain an option through all rounds of voting.”

43 yes, 44 no, 17 abstain. Did not pass.

Proposal 4. Change the last sentence of the Candidate speeches section of the floor rules to read: “The petitioning requirement is waived for any candidate who has at least one delegate pledged to vote for them from each of three states. ”

72 yes, 20 no, 7 abstain. Passes

Sunday June 26, 2004 CC meeting

Concern over States getting too many votes
Write initials on the back of the ballot
Concern over Quorum during all of Convention Meetings

Statement for the record
A State of Florida ‘Note for the Record:

* The State of Florida is grateful to every Green who participated and worked constructively toward the betterment of the GPUS Platform 2004.

* The State of Florida, nonetheless, wants to enter “for the record” that it does not consider it had the opportunity, via the process used and selected, to voice considerations or concerns relative to the adopted GPUS Platform.

** The State of Florida, therefore, does not acknowledge that it voted “for” or “against” the GPUS platform.
Vote for three two-year terms on the SC

Facilitator noticed that Treasurer nominations weren’t taken
Jake Schnieder re-elected treasurer by consensus

Debate over vote or acclimation
Concern over SC making too many decisions while CC is in session
Can’t accept more nominations from the floor
Not accepted by states
SC motioned to accept as offered

Each CCC candidate gets 30 seconds to speak

Try recruiting SC candidates that don’t win for the CCC positions

Motion to accept slate as offered
3 people not willing to stand aside
69 yes
16 no
16 abstain
Motion passed
Slate accepted

Each member was asked to use their 15 seconds to discuss what they could have done to improve the convention and CC meeting:
More attention to disabled persons
Too much wrong for 15 seconds
More Clarification
Better Communication of information between delegates and state officials
Security and credentials need to be better checked
Democrats infiltrated
Pay more attention to processes and rules

Objections over why there were restrictions over what can be said and how long there is to say it in

Ran out of time before most delegates spoke.

Results for SC Two-year positions
Gwen Wages
Jody Haug
Mark Sanson
were elected

Concerns over States voting too many ballots
Did alternates vote?
Nevada – yes
Resolved by eliminating the extra NV ballot.