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Election Report Archives (1996-2012):

2012 Elections
– Congressional Results

2009 Elections
– April Results
Candidate Videos • Videos from New York City Candidates

2008 Elections
– November 2008 Election Results
– 2008 Elections Page  • Candidate Watch 
– Delegate Vote Count  • Documents

2006 Elections
– 2006 Green Candidate Spotlight. A short list of exciting Green Party candidacies around the country in 2006.
– Greens take the country, one mayor at a time. A history of Green mayors in the United States. By Mike Feinstein. Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Fact Sheet: Green Party Mayors in the U.S. 1990-present 10 elected (E), 24 appointed (A). Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Major California election successes in 2006. Bay Area victories of McLaughlin and Kim are highlights
By Mike Feinstein. Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Sanchez chosen President of San Francisco Board of Education. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– How I Was Re-elected to the Live Oak School Board, Santa CruzBy Paul Franklin. Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Still Portland’s Second Party. Wins and losses solidify Greens place. By Mike Feinstein. Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Governor candidate gets unprecedented votes. Rich Whitney gains recognition for the Illinois Green Party
By Deyva Arthur, Green Party of New York. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– LaMarche Makes History in MaineBy Blair Bobier. Green Independent Party of Maine. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– The struggle for ballot access. New York runs a strong campaign but doesn’t make it. By Peter Lavenia. Co-Chair, Green Party of New York State. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Running Against Clinton in 2006 and 2008. Thoughts and advice from my campaign. By Howie Hawkins. Green Party candidate for U.S. senate in New York. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Rank your choices? Coming soon to a city near you. IRV wins in four places across nation. By Mike Feinstein, Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007.
– Instant runoff voting wins big in Oakland. Laura Wells reflects on lessons learned from the campaign. By Laura Wells, Green Party of California. Green Pages, Winter 2007.

2005 Elections
– Green Victories in 2005. Includes a review of election victories
– Greens spring forward in April and May elections. Green Pages, Summer 2005

2004 Elections
– November 2004 Election News • Unity Statement
– Greens Continue to Grow in 2004. Grassroots thrive despite unique election-year challenges. Green Pages, Winter 2004

2002 Elections
– 2002 Election Summary • 2002 Candidate Pledge
– Elections bring mixed results. The Green Party continued its record of steady growth for another year in 2002 by running and electing more candidates than in any previous year. GreenPages, Winter 2002-2003.

2001 Elections
– Not a Backlash, But a Giant Step Forward. Over 240 Greens run for office in 2001. GreenPages, Summer 2001.
– Greens win a record 56 victories in 2001. Breakthrough City Council victories in Connecticut and Minnesota. Increased diversity among candidates top election results. GreenPages, Winter 2001-2002.

2000 Elections
– Who Really Spoiled in 2000?
– Electoral Success. GreenPages, Winter/Spring 2001.

1998 Elections
– Record Victories, Candidates Pace Greens. GreenPages, Winter 1998.
– ’97-’98 Victories Advance Green Party. Green Pages, Spring 1998.
– Greens Set Sights High for ‘98. Green Pages, Spring 1998.

1997 Elections
– The Green Party in the 1997 elections. A movement continues to grow. GreenPages, Fall 1997.

1996 Elections
– Green Politics advance in ’96. GreenPages, Spring 1997
– Local Greens Take Political Root. GreenPages, Spring 1997
– Green Party 1996 Electoral Results Around the US . State by state electoral breakdown. GreenPages, Spring 1997