Banking and Monetary Reform Committee

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The Banking and Monetary Reform Committee (BMRC) is a newly established committee of GPUS. 

In accordance with the bylaws of GPUS, states and caucuses may appoint up to three members to the committee. Appointments are for a two-year term.

One of the main purposes of the committee is the development of educational materials for use by state parties and the public in understanding our present monetary (money) system and why it needs reform, as well as the contents of the Green Party platform for the implementation of the needed reform. We find this to be of utmost importance because this information is not generally available to the public.  We do not expect new members to have in-depth knowledge in these areas in order to serve on the committee, but they should have an interest and desire to gain knowledge in the area and plan for sharing our educational materials at the state level with members and candidates.  We will also be drafting position statements and articles for publication in order to bring this information to the general public. 

We maintain a email list for communication of committee business, as well as to use in formal decision making. We also plan to meet at least monthly online through video or telephone conferences. Until we have our rules and procedures written and established we are meeting weekly.

Any state or caucus with questions about the committee, or wishing to appoint a member to the committee, can email us at