Apportionment Review Committee

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The mission of the Apportionment Review Committee is to facilitate the adoption of a proportional system of representation that represents accredited state parties fairly, while assuring that all accredited states are represented on the national committee, the Apportionment Review Committee shall develop Delegate Apportionment Categories and a Delegate Apportionment Formula for establishing the apportionment of delegates to each accredited state party, and present them for adoption by the National Committee. This committee is elected every 8 years, and disbands when their work is completed.


GPUS Bylaws originally provided for a National Committee (NC) that had two NC delegates per state. In 2002, the NC moved to a proportional representation system based on the number of congressional districts per state and Green activity in them. In 2007 the formula was changed to an apportionment based on various measures of Green Party strength.

GPUS proposals governing apportionment formula and delegate allocation:

#982: 2020 PNC Delegate Apportionment

#963: 2019 National Delegate Apportionment Tabulation

#950: 2019 Apportionment Review Committee Election

#871: Caucus Delegates Not Included in Apportionment Tabulation

#865: Caucus Delegation Size

#864: Permanent National Committee Delegate Apportionment for Caucuses

#809: 2016 PNC Apportionment

#704: 2013 Apportionment of Green National Committee

#644: Presidential Nominating Convention Size and Delegate Apportionment

#621: Apportionment of 2012 GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention

#618: GPUS Delegate Apportionment 2011

#617: Amendment to National Committee Apportionment Rule for 2011 Timeline

#599: National Committee Size and Delegate Apportionment

#443: Delegate Allocation for GPUS National Committee for 2010

#429: National Committee Apportionment Schedule

#418: Proposal to Amend GPUS National Committee Delegate Apportionment Formula

#295: Delegate Allocation for GPUS National Committee

#279: Apportionment Standing Committee Policies And Procedures

#272: Allocation of Delegates to the National Committee of the Green Party version 2

#175: Creation Of A Delegate Apportionment Committee

#5: Proposal on implementation of proportional representation