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from The Fiscal Policy of the Green Party of the United States


Section 3-1 Mission

3-1.1 Serve as the committee primarily responsible for monitoring the fiscal activities of the GPUS.

Section 3-2 Duties and Responsibilities

3-2.1 Monitor and oversee the financial activities of GPUS and serve as the financial advisor to the SC.

3-2.2 Prepare and submit a draft annual GPUS budget to the SC.

3-2.3 Prepare and submit budget revisions to the SC as the Finance Committee deems appropriate or upon request from the SC.

3-2.4 Coordinate with the SC and GPUS staff on fiscal matters and make recommendations to the SC as provided for in this Fiscal Policy.

3-2.5 Propose amendments to the Fiscal Policy for consideration by the NC.

3-2.6 Monitor Party investments including the Endowed Fund, and propose changes to the SC for SC sponsorship to the NC.

3-2.7 Obtain an independent annual audit of Party financial affairs by a certified public accountant when authorized by the SC.

3-2.8 Coordinate with the Fundraising Committee and/or the Merchandise Committee where coordination between them and the Finance Committee may further each one’s respective mission, duties, and responsibilities.

3-2.9 Promote GPUS compliance with this Fiscal Policy.

3-2.10 Report on related issues of concern to the SC and/or NC.

Section 3-3 Membership

3-3.1 Membership shall include the Treasurer, Executive Director or equivalent leadership position, and other staff as determined by the Executive Director or equivalent, as well as the SC member designated as a signatory to the principal depository for the Party, and any other SC member who declares s/he wishes to participate during their term as a member of the SC. GPUS staff shall serve as non-voting members.

3-3.2 Any Green Party member nominated by their state party or caucus may be appointed to the Finance Committee upon approval by a majority vote of the NC. The term for members appointed according to this process shall be three years. Once nominated by their state party or caucus, prospective committee members shall provide a written declaration of their interest to the SC. Upon receipt of such a declaration and a bio, the SC shall place a proposal authorizing such appointment before the NC.

3-3.3 Inactive Status

Should a Finance Committee member miss meetings for three or more consecutive months or more than half the meetings without prior notice of such absences in a twelve-month period, the Finance Committee co-chairs shall notify the SC and the NC that the member has been placed on inactive status until participation resumes, and will not be counted as a member for quorum determination.

3-3.4 Removal

3-3.4(a) Finance Committee members nominated by their state party or caucus may be removed by their state party or caucus, according to the internal process of that state party or caucus.

3-3.4(b) Any Finance Committee member approved under 3-3.2 may be removed by a majority vote of the NC. A proposal for removal must come from the SC and must include the proposed cause for removal. Members who are removed may not be re-nominated to the Finance Committee for a period of one year.

Section 3-4 Co-Chairs

3-4.1 The Finance Committee shall be co-chaired by the Treasurer and the SC member designated as a signatory to the principal depository of the Party.