2008 GPUS GNC Plenary, Friday Afternoon

GPUS GNC Plenary, Friday Afternoon
July 11, 2008

35 out of 54 = no quorum
1 from NE
1 from OK for 37 out of 54
ARK – 1, d 1 p
AZ – 2d
CT – 1d
CO – 2d, 1p
CA – 11d, 11p, couple more coming
DE – 2d
FLA – 4d
GA – Y
RI – 2d
VT –
NH –
NY – 45d1p
ME – 7d, 4p
MA – 1d, 1d
NJ – 2d, 1p
KY –
TN – 2d
OH –
PA – 6d, 2p
MS – 2d
TX – 1d, 1p more omcin
MO – 2d
IA – 1p
MN – 1d
WI – 4d, 2p one on th e wya
ILL – 7 d 4p
NE -1 d
KS –
VA – 2d
WVA – 1d, 1p
UT –
NV –
OR –
WA – 2d
HI – 1d2d
IN 1d, 1p
LA 1d
LC 1
MN – 5d 5p
MD – 2 d 1p
NC 1d,1p
SC –
DC – 1d, 3 coming
OK – 1

George Martin, Alison Duncan, co-facilitators

George began with a countdown “promptly” at 1:25 p.m.

AnmCom Hilary Aisentein, Matt Abel welcome

George started with ceremony, “creed”

Roll Call

Lynne Serpe, AnmCOm – housekeeping announcements

Julia Willebrand – introduced several international guests

Quorum not met, so moved to Committee reports
SC and Staff reports

SC Report: Budd Dickinson, co-chair (now in WA)
Very good impromptu report, about the SC and what the committee does, leadership & administrative, financial support and a little about fundr and fin coms input for SC.

QUORUM was met with arrival of NE.

SC ELections. Floor nominations
Sanda Everret, Frank Young have been nominated for co-chair

Claudia Ellquist (AZ) nominated Jill Bussiere (WI) – accept
Audrey Clement (VA) nominates Craig Thorsen (CA) – accept
Matt Abel (MI) nominates Drew Johnson (CA) – accept
Jody Grage (WA) for Treasurer

Candidate speeches

Dave Bosserman – Volunteer of the Year Award
For sevela years, volutneeres 2 ful days a week in national office. Oversees Green Card work. Activist in DC, for DC statehood, peace, environment.
Secretary Report
Treasurer Report – co-chair of FinCom, along with another SC co-chair. Description of FinCom (need to be vetted by state and voted in by GNC). Help needed for Fundraising Committee (vetted by state).
Dicey”, because our funds fluctuate. Tis year for first time, AnmCom Treasurer. BUdget process will be starting, soon.

Budd introduced the SC Co-chairs 9 Sarah “Echo” Steiner (outgoing), JIm Coplen (outgoing), BUdd Dickinson, Jason Nabewaniec, Phil Huckelberry, Clifford Thornton

Emily Citkowski – Operations Director; Online Fundraising
working on developing database, to move away from proprietary office-based to an online open source system, which will eventually be made available to state parties. IT upgrades, old infrastructure. works with Richard Scott online fundraising coordinator,and Merchandise and Outreach COmmittees. Online fundraising program – in past year, raised $94,000, not including convention income; clear increase from previous years, each year. MerchCom continues to make great progress, stop by table. Marketing internship program (Meg Cado?). When we have strong local parties and in the news, web nits and fundraising pick up. Progress -more income this year, each year.

Tamar Yager – Fundraising Manager – hiring new fundraising assistants. Tamar is trying to figure out where we get our funds, and work toward a cycle where we can do mailings specific times a year and then have assistants on the phone. Project witih DCSG using list and DC doing phone banking for new donors.


POLITICAL DIRECTOR Brent McMillan – written report, cll for more candidates. Continued increasing # of candidates and wins. Candidate recruitment is a high priority, big opportunity to move forward. move forward in even years and stay steady in odd years. This is a major growth year for us, some states doing fantastic, some struggling. ILL and ARK have both done amazing jobs this year. State “status” reports – check your state to make sure info is correct: officers, cndiadtes, officeholders, delegates, balot status, progress.


BRPP – Hugh Esco, co-chair. Summary of work. Thanks BRPp and NC for passing a set of standing convention rules. Upcojing work, revision of their own _&_’s to make it easier for BRP{p to work.

Request for GNC plenary to address a housekeeping amendment to floor rules. HAs been publish online on “natlcomvotes.” APPROVED, CONSENSUS W/ 1 STAND-ASIDDE

CCC – Greg Gerritt (co-chair), description of CCC’s task. Originally created to allocate funds to Green candidates. Short of funds, CCC work has evolved toward general help for Green candidates. Recommends something more like a Campaign Resource Center. You want to be a campaign junkie, the need to know something about campaigning – candidate or manager. GNC should think about what is needed, almost a staff position, or 3-4 person resource center. Call for CCC candidates, get no women candidates, need to restructure. More candidates, running better races.

PLATCOM – Jack Ailey, co-chair. Distributed handout summarizing platform changes and process. Platform Hearings were held this morning, proceeded in an orderly manner. deletions of questionable statements were accepted, based on the sense often meeting and views of Platcom. Platcom will produce a sheet with explanation fo changes. Explanation of process, some parts of the process didn’t follow through. Budd Dickinson also spoke abotu the process, said he is confident material has been adequately vetted and process “rescued.”

PCSC – Phil Huckelberry, co-chair. Review of past ballot access work – funds raised for AZ (got on the ballot);. Criteria for standards for being considered a Green candidate. Helped candidates meet criteria for decide whether they could. Put together two events: tonight’s forum w/ 4 recognized presidential candidates.On Sunday, an event in which teh nominee will address GNC and more open assembly.

DRC – Alison Duncan, co-chair; Drew Johnson, another member (?). They have helped work out some disputes. This is a good step for the Green Party to help work out conflicts. Help arrange mediation between individuals or groups; now have connections with mediation centers around the country. They also facilitate potentially contentious meetings. Breakfast meeting this morning was productive. DRC supports non-violent communication trainings, both in practice and offer trainings. It’s a Green and responsibie decision to take the step to ask for help in resolving disputes.

GREEN PAGES – David McCorquodale, co-chair; Mike Feiunstein, outgoing member. Quarterly paper, 16-20 pages. Paper is put out by a small number, they could use more members. David believes we could put out a larger paper, possibly more issues, but need more staff. Anyone with writing, editorial experience, consider joining the GreenPages staff. MIke stated he is stepping back as elections and international editor, because he is frustrated with states that are very successful but don’t report in time. He can’t put out a good issue without getting this input from states. If your state is running candidates and is likely ot have wins, prepared in advance for someone to cover that, how you ran, success, quotes – this goes to our donors. We also now print our issue on Word Press, so you can comment on articles, like a blog.

BAC – Phil Huckelberry, co-chair. Will present more time SUnday going through steps of which states need help, where it’s going to come from, etc., in conjunction with new presidential ticket. A lot of time has been spent on resources identification. If you are in a state currently petitioning, please talk to Phil for Sunday report. If you’re a state that already has a ballot line (22), in credentials information, you should have forms needed to file. Recent ballot liens c=gained in AZ (out of state volunteer petitioners and funds); HI; VA to pay off end of drive and put them over the top. AZ and VA were not on in 2004, will be in 2008. Recalled ILL success in surviving ballot challenge in 2006; “outsource” success. Grassroots democracy means that every person is able to vote for the Green candidates).

Awards – 2006, signatures verification project allowed ILL to beat the Dems and $800,000 wasted taxpayer dollars. Provided a lot of help with that. Also visited AZ to help, and has singly collected over 4000 for GPVA: Audrey Clement.

Individual helped with signature-gathering in ILL, then sent to AZ, then HI – if he can sell insurance door-to-door, he can get signatures: Charlie Howe. Spioke form his background as a salesperson, urged we use sles skills as salespersons for teh GP.

ANMCOM – Matt Abel, Hilary Aisentein, co-chairs. Description of committee work, plans for future meetings (internet, food, etc). Thanks to Lynne Serpe, Marc Snason, Emily Citkowski, others, adn Ruth Weill (convention coordinator).

CREDENTIALS COMMITTEE 0- Mike Feinstein. Still working to get credentials material in, started late (not their fault). each committee sunsets a cerain # of months after its appointed. They will get input thi weekend on how things worked, what should be amended, get information to BRPp and GNC. Next time, we will ask webmanager to create online database for data entry submitted.


FUNDRIASINGT PITCH by Claudia Ellquist on being a Sustainer.


MERCHCOM – Jon Olsen, co-chair; Last year, income of ?. Increasing sales this year. Their goal, to expand, ca. 30% profit-margin. This includes nearly giving away some fo the GP literature, they make no profit on that. They are at about 29%. Promotes GP – doesn’t want to waste anything, would like people to take from current 2-3 box supply, special price. New items – convention t-shirt; hat; jar openers; fridge magnets; Spanish earth flower; polo shirt (great for candidates); hoodie shirts. Gift certificates, Green Party check imprinted checks.

OUTREACH – Christine Morshedi, co-chair. “{All those committees who asked for help, come join Outreach Committee.” To help with outreach and growth. Seeking diversity on committee, this is where we will grow, but all accepted.


Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS