2008 Indiana Delegate Credential Application

Green Party of the United States 2008 Presidential Nomination Convention
Delegate Credential Application

Indiana Green Party

1.) Please provide information for each delegate and/or alternate:

Please answer question #2 below yes or no

2.) Is your state party seeking credentialed delegates an accredited member state Green Party of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS)?  If not, has your party submitted an application to the Accreditation Committee, which demonstrates its eligibility for membership?  Is your caucus seeking credentialed delegates already been accredited as eligible for representation on the National Committee of the GPUS? If not, is it planning on doing so before the Presidential Nominating Convention?

Indiana has been an accredited state member party since 2003.

For questions #3-#5 please attach either an .rtf or .pdf document and/or a web link to the appropriate document in your email response, and a hard copy in your postal mail response

3). Please provide copies of all portions of your state’s election law, which are relevant to the selection of delegates to a national convention, whether by primary, caucus, or petitions for national candidates.

4-2.5 Indiana Law does not speak to parties without ballot access. 

*IC 3-8-3-1*

* Written request to place name on ballot
* Sec. 1. (a) This section applies to candidates affiliated with a major political party of the state.

***IC 3-8-3-11*

* Delegates to national convention; support of candidate on first ballot

   * Sec. 11. A delegate or alternate delegate selected from a congressional district to the national convention of a political party shall, on the first ballot at the national convention, support the candidate for President of the United States who received the highest number of votes in the congressional district at the primary election if the person is in fact a candidate at the convention. A delegate-at-large or alternate delegate-at-large to the national convention is not required to support a specific candidate for President on any ballot at the convention.  /As added by P.L.5-1986, SEC.4./

4). Please list the policy of your state party/caucus regarding:

(a) support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention through the provision of its presidential ballot line where it exists; or, through the qualification of such nominated candidates as write-in candidates, if such is possible under the election laws of their state; and/or

The Indiana Green Party does not have statewide ballot access.  The deadline to petition for placement of our candidate on the ballot is noon on June 30, 2008.  The deadline to file as a write in candidate is noon on July 3, 2008.  Write-in candidates can withdraw from the ballot until noon, July 15, 2008.  Indiana Green Party has notified the four declared candidates of the GPUS of these early requirements.

(b) support of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors; and/or,

Indiana Green Party will support the presidential nominee of the PNC of the GPUS.


(c) any prohibition to the opposition of the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention by its Presidential Nominating Convention delegates and/or its Presidential electors and/or Presidential Nominating Convention delegates;

Indiana Green Party members may support any candidate; however they may not campaign as the Indiana Green Party for another party’s candidate.


d) any other policy of the state party regarding its post-convention relationship to the Presidential Slate nominated by the Presidential Nominating Convention.

(e) If there is no current policy on these subjects, the application shall state that the state Green Party has not adopted a policy on these subjects.”

5.) Please include a copy of the approved minutes of your state convention, or other body authorized to name the delegation, which documents the delegates’ selection.  If approved minutes are not available, the Application shall include other documentation of the delegates’ selection.

The Minutes of the June 10th Coordinating Committee meeting of the Indiana Green Party are included:


For question #6 please attach a scanned copy of your signed document (if possible) in your email response, and a signed hard copy in your postal mail response.  If you can not provide a scanned copy in your email response, please provide am .rtf or .pdf of document that includes the names of the signers, even if it does not have their signatures.

6.) Please submit a letter bearing the signature of your state party or caucus officers certifying the authenticity of the minutes.

By signing this application, your state or caucus officers certify that the delegates included in the minutes are the duly chosen delegates to the convention as provided for in the rules of the caucus or state Green Party (or grouping of Greens where there is no state party.)

A signed scanned or hard copy of this document not yet received. A copy without signature follows