2015 – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Annual Congress of the Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas. 14-17 November 2015

Declaration of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


Green Parties of the Americas meeting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, in conclusion of our deliberations   We express the following:


  1. Climate change as a result of global warming, is presented according to the scientific community as an irreversible fact, fast and unstoppable. And they are right if current conditions prevail.

Climate change as a result of global warming, will not be controlled partially by reducing CO2 emissions. Not be controlled while mankind from destroying ecosystems intended to balance greenhouse gas emissions, ecosystems that are regulating the climate and the forests, and the seas and oceans.

The only sustainable solution includes work on the root cause of ecological imbalance and this implies the development of environmental consciousness of humanity. We believe that the essential obligation of the Green Parties of the world is to promote living conditions for achieving environmental awareness. Therefore our work should: a) Implement social justice systems that allow a fair distribution of wealth. b) Establish education systems with a different view, where the planet is seen as the common home where life is respected in all its forms. c) Promote peaceful actions of cooperation and solidarity.

  1. FPVA is deeply disturbed that some countries in the Americas have not attained to date with the delivery of their national contributions to the   upcoming summit on climate change, as these contributions represent the commitments of each Member State of the United Nations for the negotiations in the next cop21 to be held in Paris.
  2. We welcome the decision of the government of the United States of America in the sense of rejecting the project known as Keystone XL pipeline, intended to support the exploitation of the tar sands of Alberta, Canada, and transport the crude to refineries in the United States. We understand that the refusal to continue this project is a victory for environmental groups and indigenous First Nations of both countries in their struggle to reduce global CO2 emissions and establish a new energy model.
  3. Considering that on December 6, 2015 legislative elections in Venezuela were held in a climate of social, economic and high levels of political conflict crisis, urgently requested the Venezuelan electoral authorities allow put into practice the mechanisms International election observation, to ensure respect for the decision of the voters and the democratic transparency of the election process.
  4. The Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas, celebrated the development of open peace process with the FARC in Colombia, the imminent signing of a definitive agreement and the announcement of the ELN to start a similar way to a period of term decades of violence. The Federation will accompany the construction of a lasting peace for Colombia and all Americans.
  5. FPVA is glad to see the people of Chile as advances in the process of creating a new constitution that definitely exceeds that imposed by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The Constitution of the dictatorship has been the basis of economic and social process marked by inequality, the concentration of economic power and serious loss of natural heritage. The FPVA expects the development and adoption of the new Constitution is through a process of democratic decision, it can have on the election of a Constituent Assembly its highest expression.
  6. We express our repudiation of human and environmental tragedy in the   Minera Samarco, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, under the responsibility of the multinational mining giant Vale. Tragedy   It has killed more than 160 people and the destruction of biodiversity along the basin of the Rio Doce.We condemn the irresponsibility of the companies involved, the absence of evacuation plans and harm reduction in times of crisis, and the lack of effective support to affected populations and impacted ecosystems.
  7. We warn about the potential negative consequences on the economy and the environment of the countries in the Americas to have the implementation of the Trans-Pacific Treaty as well as their social and political repercussions. We urge the authorities of the signatory countries to inform the opinion of their countries on the agreements signed so far have been kept secret.
  8. Green Parties of the Americas gathered here in solidarity and support the Green pásové, Socialist Party of the Dominican Republic on the occasion of celebrating its first national congress, which, under the theme “A Green Look for an Isla Verde “Itsmain objective convene Dominican civil society and the public and private national institutions, to promote the   conservation and protection of natural resources of the republic in favor of sustainable development.

Also we give full support to Antolin Polanco, leader of the national team pásové and those who advance a project to strengthen and growth (in alliance with President Danilo Medina?) Underpinning a model of green governance.



Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. November 17, 2015