Amend Maximum Donation Limit

Resolution to Amend Maximum Donation Limit for 1000 For 1000 Donations

Green Party of the United States Fundraising Committee

Jach Uhrich,
Dean Myerson (GPHQ–at–

The following is the proposal to raise the limit per year on contributions to $20K if anything over $10K is distributed to our affiliated states.

Discussion: One week: June 25, 2002 to July 2, 2002
Voting: One week: July 3, 2002 to July 9, 2002 BACKGROUND/EXPLANATION:
The proposed amendment will fulfill the original intent of the $10,000 contribution limit set by the CC, while allowing the possibility for both the states and the national party to benefit to the maximum extent possible from the 1000 For 1000 Fundraising Campaign. At present, the USGP and affiliated states are penalized for such sharing efforts, in that, if a person wants to donate to the 1000 For 1000 campaign and gives the maximum of $10,000, in reality the national party only gets $5000.

Similarly, the $10,000 limit keeps the states from receiving as high as $10,000 in shared donations, if a donor wishes to give to the national under this program, and also wants to share their donation with the states.


Whereas the CC of the Green Party of the United States (USGP) has set a maximum donation limit to the national party of $10,000; and,

Whereas the 1000 For 1000 campaign initiated by USGP provides for one-half of donations given to the Green Party of the United States under the 1000 For 1000 Campaign to be shared with affiliated states;

Be it Resolved that, in those instances where 50% of a donation is so shared between the state and the national, the maximum contribution allowed to be given to the USGP will be $20,000 instead of $10,000, as only $10,000 of that contribution will actually go to the national party.

Be it also resolved that, before a shared contribution of more than $10,000 in a given year is accepted from a donor, it will be determined whether the donor’s state can accept their full share of the money for use by the state party, or direct it towards one of its candidates or electoral campaigns within their state (the decision on such disposition of their share to be decided by the state).
If the state cannot utilize the full amount due them, then the national will only accept a total amount that assures that that the USGP continues to never receive more than $10,000 from any one individual in a given year for use by the national party.