2006 • Annual National Meeting

Historic YWCA Building, Tucson, Arizona
July 27 – July 30, 2006
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The Green Party of the United States is holding our annual national meeting in Tucson Arizona, on the edge of the border, in the Sonoran desert. In many, ways Arizona is a hub for some of the most important activism of the day. AZ recently saw the largest demonstration in its history, when hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their allies marched for justice – and the Arizona Greens proudly participated. Arizona is seeing some of the most rapid development in the country – during an ongoing drought. The politics of water privatization, sustainable development, and justice are omnipresent. These are burgeoning issues, not just for Arizona, but increasingly so for the rest of the country.

Greens at 2005 National MeetingArizona also has a great progressive history. The early days of statehood were rife with populist fervor: Wobblies at the mines, women voting before national suffrage, recall, initiatives, workman’s comp, when they were all radical concepts. Arizona has a tradition of the people leading in ways that no one expects. Arizona has the best Clean Elections laws in the country, and Greens helped set it up. Ballot measures here legalized medical marijuana twice, and expanded healthcare for the poor, and brought us clean elections.

We invite you to experience the rich cultural and ecological diversity of the region; learn about Arizona’s progressive past and present; and help build a sustainable, peaceful just future. El Futuro es Verde – The Future is Green!

This conference is possible because of the inspiration, ingenuity and hard work of the Annual National Meeting Committee, Arizona Green Party, the Pima County Green Party, Conference coordinators Claudia Ellquist and Dave Stewart, and ANMC co-chairs, Ruth Weill and Joni LeViness.