GPUS GNC ANM – Strategic Plannign Session, Part II

Reports from the 2010 ANM


Saturday Moring, June 26, 2010

Facilitator: George Martin
Call to Action
Geoge reviewed the agenda for today. INn out last episode, delegates came up with GOALS and OBJECTIVES, starting work toward an eventual strategic plan and action plan.
Students from the University of Michigan asked to circulate a survey for a research project, a study on activism. Farheen Hakeem asked if they could observe. Objections were raised from Mike Feinstein, Jody Grage, Craig Thorsen and others to having them observe the meeting, but agreed to having those in attendance take and fill out the survey. Approval for survey and observers was registered from Hugh Esco, Warner Bloomberg, Colia Clark, Tom Yager and Mike Rubin. Theresas El-Amin suggested they could observe that afternoon’s platform session.

Plenary agreed to pass them out and hand them in after lunch or tomorrow.
George – suggested as a plan for the afternoon, break-outs for each of three sections, one split into election and party-building; if groups are small, combine them. Martin Pleasant suggested that those who look at values propose mission or vision, a statement about who we are based on our values.

II. SC Reports – see individual reports included in this ANM section

Secretary – Holly Hart

Thanks volunteers Steve Hamm (email lists), Charlie Green and Rachel Treichler (voting page); web manager David Doonan; office manager Brian Bittner and executive director Brent McMillan. GPUS functions because of their often unseen work.

Treasurer – Jody Grage; report in packet

Co-chairs: Sanda Everrette (outgoing; reported on interesting work, can be stressful)

Claudia Ellquist (outgoing; had a short term but would do it again in a minute, people devote time to this because they believe the work is for an important cause)

Farheen Hakeem (ongoing; presented a minority report, concerns about focus of SC toward internal work, tenor of group dynamics, lack of respect for religious/cultural diversity)

Craig Thorsen (up for re-election); portfolio report, thanked AnmCom members Wayne Turner, Lou Novak and Fred Vitale; DAC, BAC – Arizona, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri; BRPP

Jason Nabewaniec (ongoing) gave no report, gave time to Farheen

David Strand (ongoing; thank Craig for service and time he has put in with DAC. Had to struggle to get time off from work for SC conference calls (hourly wage labor “issues”). What surprised him most was dealing with the finances; grateful that we are no onger making decisions on what we have to pay first because it’s the most likely to go to court; we are now in a situation where we are paying more things on time; thanks to Platcom Co-cchairs Marnie Glickman and Bruce HInkforth, and Budd Dickinson, acting co-chair for ANM, and others on platcom. Everybody who is on thje SC has the best interest of the party at heart, though there are significant differences, not always handled as professionaly as we all may like. Recommend listening to calls, get an idea of what is done, how much time people are putting in.

Mike Feinstein (ongoing); if work is done rght, SC is adminstrative, not something noticeable. Believes things have been done to bring more transparency: SC committee web page has more information, more written-down procedures on our website. Some internal work, bylaws udates regarding SC work and job descriptions. Policy on communictions with legal advisor. More information on web page of SC election history and former SC; schedule for proposals on wiki. Process for “green” papers [i.e., policy papers]. PCSC improved configuration and work; budget process is something SC hopes to improve to be more externally oriented, budget in on time, more support for standing committees. Work in progress [?]: Announces an RSS feed (new) giving notice about proposals; internal portion of website would have password-protected portions available for access to documents, minutes, etc. [committee updates?].

III. Candidates for GPUS SC

Co-chair candidates: Julie Jacobson (HI); Craig Thorsen (CA); Vivek Anantham (PA) (read by Farheen Hakeem); Theresas El-Amin (NC); Audrey Clement (VA); Lori Burton (OR) (read by Jody Grage).

Treasdurer – Jeff Turner (HI) (read by Jody Grage)

LUNCH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wayne Turner – announcements

i. Staff Reports

Brian Bittner, Office Manager – spoke about social networking; merchandise table. “Five on Friday” successful fundraising effort on social network sites.

Brent McMilan, Excutive Director – mentioned staff: himself, Brian, webmaster David Doonan and media director Scott McLarty. GNC should be building off of, not getting rid of staff. Oftentimes, people don’t realize how much staff does, we are trying to do better to communicate it. SC gets a weekly report with more details, some of which are sensitive so they don’t go to the full NC list. Projects: To set up a process for standing committees to update their webpages directly (limited ftp access); Online database (fundraising database). Brent also does a lot of media work. Recently involved with a publication called “A No Nonsense Guide to Green Politics.” (It was to be here, but had problems with distributor…..tbc……Jody asked if this could be added to our merchandise page); working with Matt Wooten (Wales) on a review of best practices of local parties (US and Europe); documentary filmmaker Ed Brown – “Acceptable Levels.” International policy work, contact with Australian Green MP Bob Brown.

ELECTORAL: Currently there are 243 Green candidates. More candidates running for state legislature, a hopeful message, because a lot of recent tickets have been top heavy. State ledge races are where we can run as partisan Green, and they are winnable. 13 incumbents running for re-elections, a 10% win rate. New officeholder in WVA. We are not running enough new candidates to replace incumbents who are not running again – 150 down to 141 officeholders.

At the federal level – a dozen Senate, 40 US House candidates. Would rather see a lot mroe quality campaigns, not so much quantity. Washington Post has written favorably about Greens running for public office in Illinois and So Carolina.

FUNDRAISING: Direct mail is doing well.

Brent’s prospect rate is 3.8 persent, which is the same as the resolicting rate. “It is our time. The door is open, ” current message.

Craig Thorsen asked, Which states will have ballot access and more likely to be revived? (

Brent: Vermont, New Hampshire, Kentucky. Tomorrow, we will hear from the the Fundraising Committee, which will present an organizing kit. We have documents that will help bring tools to expand the Green Party locally and nationally.

ii. Afternoon Strategic Planning Seesion – break-out groups – see notes for each break-out section

Building the Party 283 – Sanda Everette (CA), faclitated

Elections 277 – Matt DeHughes (MI) facilitated; Ian K. Samways (PA) took notes

Values & Policy 261B – David Strand (LC)?