National Women’s Caucus report

Reports from the 2010 ANM


Report to the Green National Committee
June 25, 2010 at the ANM GNC Plenary, Detroit, Michigan
Hello delegates!

The National Women’s Caucus is happy to bring you our 2010 ANM report.

1) Of immediate interest are the platform amendments the NWC has submitted on women’s rights and health care, for which we ask for your votes. And we have identified eight of our members who are running for office including our delegate, Julia Willebrand (NY) and our alternate delegate, Kat Swift (TX). Other members running are Farheen Hakeem (MN), Anita Rios (OH), Bethany Hayes (IN), Linda Piera-Avila (CA) and Anita Stewart (FL). There may be others.

2) We have increased representation on GPUS committees, including BRPP, the Platform Committee, the International Committee, and others. NWC members tend to be very active in committees.

3) The NWC will open nominations for officer elections in August 2010.

4) The NWC currently has 114 members from 29 states. Green women who want to join can request an application form from our website

Or write to

You can join at the ANM through Nan Garrett who is the NWC membership point person at this event.

5) NWC members continue to contribute to a better understanding of caucuses in the GPUS and have led the way to protect caucus interests in GPUS proposal deliberations, decisions and rules. We have won and we have lost. We appeal to delegates to be mindful of proposal language that may negatively impact caucuses and to support recommendations by caucus leaders who, along with members, are working against odds to build strong and vibrant caucuses, which will increase the strength and range of the GPUS.

6) What we are planning for the coming year:

We will continue to monitor proposals to protect NWC and caucus interests. We will be drafting a proposal to reverse a recent NC decision unfavorable to caucuses. We will be working to inspire more members to participate, volunteer and run for public office. We will be planning expenditures with the NWC money that the GPUS will finally make available to us. We also hope to start work on Green position papers to flesh out the Women’s Rights platform positions and start early to work on platform amendments for 2012.

7) How the NC and GPUS can help the NWC:

As mentioned already, we ask you all to be mindful of how proposals might adversely impact caucuses and to stand in support with us when we need it. During this platform cycle we ask you all to vote for the four NWC amendments. The NWC Women’s Rights amendment is opposed by a CA amendment that would totally eliminate the 2004 plank on Women’s Rights. With all respect to CA, their amendment would seriously impede the work of the NWC. We ask you to vote for the Women’s Rights amendments that are sponsored and approved by the NWC. Our amendments on the Women’s Rights plank contain vital new positions and updates to some of the 2004 existing positions.

We thank you for this opportunity to report to you about the National Women’s Caucus. If you have any questions, we would be glad to take them here or by email.