Web Manager report

Reports from the 2010 ANM


Highlights of additions in the past year to gp.org
Platform blog

Green Papers blog
Still waiting for this to go live

Green Voices
Box on home page to links of published articles by Greens on 3rd party sites

Commentary from Cynthia Mckinney

Updated State Party contact page, includes Social Networking sites

Press page for candidates, includes links to Social Media, donate pages & high res photos

Updated site map

Yahoo based site search

Distribution of press releases via Facebook, Twitter, Google News, Digg and others

First proof of home page redesign recently sent to web committee. Still in the works is a test video of myself reading a national press release.

Internal NC calendar

Media lists

Built from Gebble lists
Admins have full control over content
Each state media person has control over their states content
Each state can dowload CSV version of date
NY has imported CSV data into Gmail for bulk email

Contact table

This will eventually contain full contact information for all SC, NC and Committee members. Full access to national staff; information where appropriate will be used to populate public pages on gp.org

GPCC wiki

Whenever appropriate and where time has permitted, new sections have been integrated into the Content Management System.

I’ve looked into using Joomla for the entire site. Joomla is open source, content management system software, similar to Drupal. With over 20,000 files in the web directory, such a rollover will be a massive task. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a tool which could automate the process.

Finally, I’ve confirmed with Pair that our account allows us to become a reseller; i.e. we could re-sell space on the server as a source of income. If we go down this route, I would recommend that we resell only to others who share our values.

David Doonan
Web manager for gp.org
June 25, 2010