April 12, 2015


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage
b) Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Charles Ostdiek, Starlene Rankin, Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Darryl! Moch, Audrey Clement, Jeff Turner; Absent – Jesse Townley
c) Agenda revisions – Consensus to move to executive session: process to hire Starlene; necessity for SC member to resign before being hired; and utility payments for Media Office.


a) Need for Forum Evaluation – BD
This will be a topic during the plenary session at the ANM.

b) NC Delegate Meeting, etc., at 2015 ANM – TY/DM
The ANM has four new people this year and is working well. A tentative schedule is on line. Darryl! will have an update on the next call.
Options to Sunday 1-5 <x-apple-data-detectors://3> for the SC meeting time were discussed.

d) Update the SC on the progress of the Our America Initiative – Audrey.
Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, is participating in the lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates. Audrey attended respresenting the Green Party and reports that the lawyer, Bruce Fein, is excellent. A video about the lawsuit has been produced and a press release will be issued next week. Contribution toward the $800,000, that they say is needed, will be welcomed.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T.
The March final report showed about $10,000 in the bank. The end of last week showed about the same amount which will cover current bills. Money from the mailing is coming in now. Earmarked funds now include ANM registration. The remaining payment for the website is not due until May

b) Fundraising Report
Bank card and paypal have had technical difficulties lately. Tamar is preparing a report on recent mailing. Eblasts bring in about $100 a day. Earth Day income is being tracked by how many people are responding to different issues.

c) Finance Items for decision: Purchase of hoodies for merchandise store – Jeff T.
The SC voted to increase the hoodie order from 48 to 72 to a lower cost per item. Charles, Starlene, and Jeff voted for 108 hoodies; Budd, Karen, Tamar, and Darryl! votes for 72; Audrey abstained.
Karen spoke to the need for reporting on merchandise sales.


In the queue: 774 & 775 – Approval of Forum Managers, Frank Young and Holly Hart
Budd mentioned the complaint about Frank not logging into the forum since September and will ask Frank and Holly if they are able to serve. Voting starts tomorrow.

776 – 781 – Confirmation of Global Greens delegate and FPVA delegates and alternates.
Voting starts tomorrow on 776-778 and next week on 779-781.


a. Conflict of Interest (COI) statement for the GPUS – Jeff T.
FinCom sent the document to the SC for approval and sponsoring for NC approval. Charles will put it in proper proposal form. The SC was reminded that proposals should be in separate posts with identifiable subject lines. Karen has questions about recusal provisions and need to know about relationships with providers. Concerns should be submitted soon so that this can be finalized at the next meeting.

b) Endorse Fast Food Workers “Fight for $15” Strike on April 15, 2015 – AC
Consensus on SC endorsement with Darryl! abstaining. Budd place endorsement on the website.

c) Approve Glenn Kennedy (AL) for Web Committee: KY
Consensus on SC approving.

d) Website Update: KY
First bare-bones draft site was received a week ago with more complete draft received this past Friday.

e) Proposal to make Tamar Yager the primary contact for heath care and payroll providers: KY
Effective immediately, the Staff Supervisor shall have direct contact with health care and payroll venders with the same access as the Treasurer. Consensus of the SC to adopt.
The Treasurer will share the relevant information with the staff supervisor, and notify the vendors, immediately.

V. EXECUTIVE SESSION – Personnel decision:
Starlene Rankin and Lea Pierce will work as a team to fill the fundraising position. They will start April 16, 2016 <x-apple-data-detectors://0>. Starlene will resign from the SC.

Budd Dickinson

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