April 13, 2014

GPUS Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2014


a) Facilitator – Jody Grage

b) Roll Call- Starlene Rankin, Jeff Turner, Budd Dickinson, Jesse Townley, Charles Ostdiek, Karen Young, Kate Culver, Darryl! Moch, Tamar Yager; and forum managers, Frank Young and Holly Hart

II. Old Business

a) Forum Project.- SR

The SC continues to discuss the proposal to transition to the NC Bulletin Board/Forum for NC Business & Discussion that will go to the NC for approval. Holly Hart and Frank Young, the current Forum Managers, were on the call with us. We shared ideas about titles and job descriptions for our Forum Managers, Admins, Tech experts and Helpers/Trouble-shooters. We all agreed we need to find a third forum manager. We also agreed to have a 60 day trial period before the listservs become inactive. A 4 week discussion period for this proposal was suggested. Starlene, Karen, and Jesse will write a proposal with input from Holly and Frank and have a more completed proposal ready for the next SC meeting.

b) Mission Statement – Are we sponsoring the one from the straw poll? BD

One not yet selected. Wait until process is finished. Question if SC or state should sponsor. BRPP working on something that could include Mission Statement.

III. Standing Business

a) Treasurer’s Report JT

The Treasurer sent the following report: As of Thursday there was approximately $10,500 in the general fund bank accounts, and over $20,600 in the reserve account. $13,000 of the reserve is for one month’s overhead expenses, and the balance is for earmarked funds for committees, caucuses, and ANM registrations. The remaining expenses for April total about $5,500 for the webmaster’s monthly billing, an order for new tee shirts, and the upcoming payroll on 4/22. That will leave us with about $5,000 going in to May plus the next 20 days of April income, which will be at least enough to pay our May expenses.

b) Finance Items for decision including:- Jeff T

1) authorization to purchase Rise/Resist/Revolt tee shirts Approx $1,050.

There was discussion about the term “revolt”. There will be several other shirts including one basic GP one. The SC agreed to authorize the purchase of 108 new shirts in the rise/resist/revolt design. Consensus, with Budd standing aside because he feels there is an excessive number of different t-shirts.

2) BAC silent online auction plan

SC agreed to approve the BAC fundraising auction plan for May. It also agreed that since this is mandated committee fundraising in the 2014 budget, it did not require following the fiscal policy mandates to give 10% of the funds raised to the general fund, nor did it require designation as a special project. The finance committee will be revisiting those policies and proposing some amendments at some time in the near future.

c) ANM Report from FinCom and Budgeting Plan

The Treasurer announced that the finance committee will be initiating multi-year budgets for 2015 and 2016 at the ANM. They are asking for a short plenary session to give an annual report for 2013 and to announce the budget plans. They also want a time slot to break out for budget discussion and training for those committees with substantial budgeting plans to help those committees get a head start on budgeting for two years and budgeting by quarter or month, rather than just making requests for annual totals. This will help us to move toward cash flow planning and some targeted fundraising. It was also suggested that we begin tying the budgeting to the new strategic plan goals

d) Fundraising Report – KY

International fundraising project – ” Be Green Globally”, included good videos. But it was a time-consuming project, infrastructure will be available for next time, We are fundraising to Dems who are urging a no to Keystone. Follow up phone calls will be made.


In the queue: CCC Election

Received for the queue:None

f) Liaison Reports Discussion: All

We need to get more information to the NC, but it is not yet clear how. SC members should read the reports on Wiggio.

IV. New Business

a) Platform Process Proposal – Jesse T

We need the NC to pass a platform process. There is a time issue – May 11 is the proposed deadline. Expedited proposal and a two week discussion were requested. September 24 is the final deadline for 2014 platform text, though housekeeping proposals are possible through the end of the year. Planks approved by August 24. There is a need for long-term solution rather than repeated short-term processes.

We need to talk with PlatCom to see if they are on board. PlatCom will be voting on supporting it after two weeks of discussion.

from the GPUS Rules and Procedures:

“6-3.2(b) Declare an expedited placement into the voting queue, earlier than the next regular starting date, if by a 2/3 vote it approves findings that this would allow the GPUS to meet deadlines it would otherwise not meet or be of other substantial benefit to the GPUS.”

Vote on Jesse’s proposal: Starlene – no vote; Jeff – abstain; Budd – no; Jesse – yes; Charles – abstain; Karen – yes; Kate – no vote; Darryl! – yes; Tamar – yes; quorum was achieved.

The vote of 4-1-2-2 (y-n-a-nv) was to sponsor the proposal with expedited queue placement. Of those voting yes or no, the result of 4-1 (y-n) satisfies this 2/3 condition for expedited placement as well as the majority condition needed for SC sponsorship. Jesse will be floor manager and there will be 2 weeks discussion.

b) EPA Letter – CO sent 3rd draft.

Discussion of last paragraph. CO will make suggested change and send out.

Budd Dickinson