April 14, 2013

GPUS Steering Comm Conference Call Minutes – April 14, 2013

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Jeff Turner, Darryl Moch, Steve Welzer, Susan Chunco, Charles Ostdiek, Karen Young, Farheen Hakeem. Tamar Yager – ANMC co-chair.
Absent – AJ Segneri
Jody Grage – Observer

c. Agenda revisions – ANM after treasurer’s report, Charles re: intro at Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) hearing in Nebraska.
Green Pages – small print edition for ANM

II. TPP HEARING IN NEBRASKA – Charles will be speaking and is approved to introduce himself as a GPUS So-Chair

a. Cash report to date – report sent with $8300 and $600 since then, $4000 check to Red Sun Press to pay statement from Nov/Dec 2012.

b. Fincom has a proposal to the SC for handling funds of defunct states – recommendation to put into general funds and record a liability in the books – consensus to approve by SC, change will be made soon to Fiscal Policy with other housekeeping measures; Susan will verify LA status since someone has been voting lately.

c. Green Pages – committee requested small edition be printed for the ANM; regular spring issue was not printed. Consensus to approve a print edition with Charles standing aside.

IV. ANM – Tamar

Draft schedule has been sent to AMN as link to Google doc. Need SC room requests ASAP. ANM budget is included in the proposal and includes SC costs.


In the queue: None

Received for the queue:
National Committee Approval of International Committee Election of 2013 FPVA and Global Green Network delegates – Karen floor manager, 2 weeks discussion.

2013 Apportionment Tabulation Committee for Green National Committee –
Budd floor manager, 2 weeks discussion.

VI. In-person SC Meeting at ANM – Karen

How to make it productive beyond a social gathering and meeting with staff.

Need agenda, info to transfer, perhaps liaison discussion with preliminary assignments.

Suggestion that it be longer with mandatory attendance a criteria for running for SC; disadvantages for candidate pool of required attendance; need to be serious leaders, stay over Sunday night. Last year’s meeting did not work well with many comings and goings.

Suggest lunch break, meeting in meeting room, dinner break, discussion of SC roles/team building

Jeff will send email to ANM with these tentative plans so room(s) can be reserved; Farheen will be fasting.

VII. Timing of SC & Secretary elections – Karen
Suggest in future years have elections earlier – maybe a month or more before the ANM.

VIII. CCC and the House and Senate Committees operations, bylaws, and current status update – Darryl!

Combined and not now operating within approved bylaws, e.g., elections need to be held.

All could meet at ANM and discuss what to do with these committees.

Participation low; unelected people can be on as observers.

Hillary will be treasurer for Senate Committee with Jeff as Assistant Treasurer.

IX. National Volunteer guidelines & standards and Diversity of Party – Darryl

Recommendations sent; use, recruit, engage volunteers

For states, committees, candidates, etc.; need plan for diversity/inclusiveness.

Consensus to continue on this path.


Darryl – Diversity Com call didn’t happen this weekend; will try to use Skype to facilitate abilities of member; also trying to gain control of old Yahoo group. We will be looking to use some form of video/voice conference process (Skype, Google, and others are being considered). Members of media committee and web consultant have been asked for guidance.

Darryl – CCC – having regular calls and webinars, working on campaign school for ANM, maybe Train the Trainers also – and in the fall.

Darryl – BRPP – no action. Also no action or requests made of the DRC.

Farheen – IC Co-Chair now – Charles agrees to be only liaison.

Steve – BAC – Utah has decided not to petition this year and wait until 2015; AZ still uncertain whether to use petition or registration criteria; ANM workshop on how to run a petition drive; developing a 4 year plan with budget.

Steve – Media – several press releases.

Steve – PCSC and Platform – nothing new to report.

Karen – Outreach – held second meeting with priority visual identity logo and update/reorganize website content.

Karen – Merch – Starlene joining, Karen will make loan and small donation for t-shirts.

Karen – Strategic Planning – survey closed, doing analysis – 700 rank and file, 80 state leaders from most of really active states; redoing timeline but still before ANM; draft in several weeks for discussion and conference calls.

Karen – new website – David sending final revisions for approval, hope to launch on Earth Day.

XI. Topical Teleconferences for Greens (suggestion from David Cobb) – Charles

Feedback from AJ and Karen among others on Outreach Comm.

Suggest monthly teleconference on strategic topics/issues.

Greens and others including knowledgeable speakers.

Webinar format suggested; need facilitator, etc.

May need organizing education more than issues.

Justice Party is doing this sort of thing.

XII. Next call – 28 April, 4th Sunday

— Budd Dickinson