April 17, 2011

GPUS SC Conference Call
Sunday, April 17, 2011
8:00 p.m. EST

Co-chairs: Jason Nabewaniec, Tamar Yager, Audrey Clement, Leenie Halbert, Theresa El-Amin;
Farheen Hakeem joined about a half hour into the call; David Strand joined the call later.
Secretary: Holly Hart
Treasurer: Jeff Turner

Brian Bittner is not able to be on tonight’s call. Farheen wrote that she would be late.

Facilitator: Audrey

Last week, Jeff sent out a request for SC approval to go forward with signing a lease for new office space. The request was approved unanimously: votes were sent in by Jeff, Leenie, Holly, Audrey, Jason, Tamar, David and Theresa. Farheen also confirmed her approval.

On Friday, Jeff reported that he had just mailed the signed lease document that he and Leenie worked over, along with a check for the security deposit. Brian, Tamar and Jeff had a conference about phones, internet and office move.

Moving is set for the weekend of May 6th or soon after. Brian and David Bosserman are hoping to get local Greens to help out. Audrey is able to help out, as well.

Jeff sent out a report earlier today: final report for March shows we had almost $8000 in the account at the end of that month. The mid-April report, as of Friday, shows that we now have $10,840 moved to the reserve account to cover caucus and committee earmarked funds and ANM registrations. The deposit for the office lease and the contract for the ANM have been signed and sent; rent & utilities and phone for April have been paid. Remaining are a small Pair bill and web manager pay at end of the month. We have nearly $11,000 in general account, which will cover these expenses, payroll and re-solicitation mailing, with a small amount of working capital left in the account.

Jeff did a quick analysis of our current situation. To cover staffing (including fundraiser and accounting), monthly cost comes to about $10,000. Total operational costs for new office, including rent, phone, DiA/Salsa, postage, internet & utilities, is a little under $3000/mo. We will also need to re-imburse David Sacks for thank you notes he sends out to donors.

III. Personnel Committee – Jeff
We need a contract for Brian, staff evaluation process, etc. Jeff suggested we ask Maya O’Connor to draft a proposal for a personnel committee and needs for the next call. SC had agreed to have Jeff contact Maya.

Jef reported that Maya O’Connor is interested in helping out, but cannot take the lead for this committee. Jeff asked that further discussion be tabled for the following call.

Jeff has been working with Brian and Scott with a time-reporting process to help log what they do.

Interest in fundraising and budget, strategic planning. Jeff will discuss with FundCom and FinCom about what time blocks they will need.

Leenie proposed we let ANM know we’d like to have Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning, as a maximum.
SC Agreed, by consensus.

Audrey proposed that the SC set up a sub-committee to work out an agenda. Sub-committee will include Theresa, Jeff and Holly.

Holly reported that the Diversity Waiver sub-committee is about ready to go forward with an announcement and applications for diversity waivers.

V. COMMITTEE REPORTS – SC co-chairs, as needed
Several co-chairs have requested approval for some changes:

Leenie and Audrey would switch their assignments with Eco-Action and Media; Audrey will be SC liaison to Eco-Action, Leenie liaison to Media.

Leenie will also be liaison to Merchcom.

Leenie and Audrey sent in written overviews of recent committee work.

Theresa stated that she hopes to get the Outreach Committee re-started, as well as a Diversity Committee.

NEXT CALL: Sunday, May 1, 2011; 8:00 p.m. EDT

Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS