April 22, 2012

GPUS SC Conference Call Minutes
April 22, 2012

a. Facilitator – Holly Hart

b. Roll Call – Steve Welzer, Darryl Moch, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Jeff Turner, Audrey Clement, Farheen Hakeem (joined at 8:30 Eastern)
Notified of absence – Susan Chunco; Absent – Theresa ElAmin

d. Agenda revisions – Darryl – add request to endorse 1T Day – National day of action – no objections.

a. Office Manager – Brian Bittner – not on call, report received
b. Fundraiser Report – David Sacks – reports received for two 2-week periods

a. Cash report to date – report received; continuing to have only enough to pay basic bills; CA 2008 state sharing not yet paid.

b. FinCom requested and SC approved moving GPAX $18 (no longer exists), CCC $36 (funds spent in September 2011), and IT $2390 (work done in house and $2500 in 2012 budget) released to general fund. FinCom requested and SC approved moving current and future state sharing for NV ($103.20) and LA ($50.40) to reserve fund for those states since we cannot find a fiscal agent in either state.

IV. Endorse 1T Day – National day of action organized by students to mark April 25 as the day total student loan debt will top 1 trillion dollars – consensus. http://1tday.org/

V. PNC/ANM – Budd/Tamar
a. May 13 deadline for PNC Honorary Co-Chairs (who are more than honorary); PNC Facilitators (to facilitate decision-making process for the results of the CredCom); and Election Administrator (who signs state election papers among other things). Need a list of those nominated so far. SC nominates and the NC confirms. Tamar suggests SC ranked choice voting on those who are nominated. SC has other responsibilities so it is better if others fill these roles. Secretary will put out another call for nominees that includes positions and responsibilities.

b. SC consensus to have meeting on Sunday at ANM. Suggestion – Sunday lunch followed by business meeting. SC candidates need to schedule flights that don’t leave until Sunday late afternoon. Tamar suggests social breakfast meeting for SC and all nominees as last year. Farheen suggests making it possible to Skype in if necessary. Meeting could be in morning if no plenary or other vital meeting scheduled. Could have in morning and be there for plenary wrap-up. Presidential and VP candidates should meet the SC.

In the queue:
Amend Fiscal Policy to Clarify Use of Credit/Debit Cards and Remove Outdated References – Voting 4/30 – 5/6.

Received for the queue:
2012 Platform Amendment Procedure from GP of Michigan.
Latest word from GPMI is “The proposal itself has not been revised. The language “May be implemented … ” in the Implementation/Timeline section has been changed to “Shall be implemented … ” to dispel the idea that immediate implementation is optional.”

Darryl – Proposal out of order since process already in motion and this proposal would unreasonably interrupt that process.

Budd – “Out of order” not listed as a reason for returning the proposal.

Darryl – Rules and Procedures cannot include every eventuality; GNC can overturn the decision if they wish.

Budd – What if a state made a proposal at this time that we not have a presidential candidate?

Tamar – The GNC needs to decide.

Farheen – Require that the proposal detail how the transition to new platform procedure would be carried out.

Audrey – Lack of clarity has been removed.

Budd – There are other examples of lack of clarity.

Vote on sending to the queue:
Audrey – Yes; Darryl – No; Tamar – Yes; Farheen – No; Budd – No; Steve – No; Jeff – Abstain; Proposal not going to the voting queue. Budd will communicate with MI. Steve suggests including the problem with transition.

VI. LIAISON REPORTS – 15 minutes
Darryl – Green Pages published; CCC/GHCC/GSCC – will work jointly with one meeting, three subcommittees, three co-chairs and separate funds, CCC procedures being examined, evaluating current processes, senate website will be expanded to include house and other offices and campaign schools, etc., and will include advisers who have run for office or worked on a campaign. Will have meeting/working session at ANM.

Farheen – IC – Global Greens – one delegate and two observers; FPVA in Guatemala in December. Charlie Pillsbury has resigned as co-chair of DRC. CredCom – process going okay; down to one co-chair; Dave McCorquodale, Secretary, is keeping track of submissions.

Audrey – PCSC – FEC confirms that Roseanne Barr had $5k in contributions that were not self financed.

Steve – Media – 2 press releases recently – Bob Brown resignation in Australia and Global Greens. PlatCom – good call this past week which got the process going again including password protected webpage where amendments are available.

1. Employment Agreements and Personnel Manual revision – Jeff, etc. – no progress

2. Fundraising –
Jeff reports that last mailing is winding down and we are only covering basic costs.

Darryl suggests that Tamar and Jeff and staff discuss priorities. Tamar –

Dave will work more hours than his salary covers; major donors are lacking though Dave is working on it.

3. Strategic Planning –
Project 2 – Review RP&PS for what isn’t working now.

Project 3 – Working group to study a variety of organizational political structures, including US major parties, Greens around the world, etc. Darryl has submitted a workshop to ANM and suggests forming an adhoc committee to include Project 2 and 3 as subcommittees. SC consensus. Budd volunteered to be on the committee.

4. Brian awaiting response for May meeting in DC with Mark Hinkle of the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party on topics of joint interest. Date and agenda not yet known.

VIII. Next call 5/6/12