April 26, 2015


a) Facilitator – David Doonan
b) Roll Call – Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Jeff Turner, Jesse Townley, Charles Ostdiek, Audrey Clement, Karen Young, Darryl! Moch
Jody Grage and Paul Pipkin – Observers
c) Recording started.


a) Follow-up on last meeting’s direction to Jeff Turner to get Tamar Yager approved as a contact with our health insurance and payroll vendors.

Tamar has access as of a few days ago and still needs tax ID information from Jeff. Discussion about who can and will do what as far as vacation accrual, paychecks for new employees, etc. No objections to asking Personnel Working Group to resolve the issues. Darryl! has offered to help.

b) SC/staff/SC candidates meeting at ANM to be on Saturday morning. Draft agenda for full ANM is on the website, though it is not fully developed. Darryl! has sent a proposal for the delegate meeting which will be discussed on line and finalized on the next SC call.

c) Forum – Update on streamlining of the threads. Streamlining has occurred including fewer threads and better organized. David Doonan will send information on the changes. There are fewer threads and they have subthreads so it is less cluttered. Jesse, David Doonan, and Budd will communicate on line about further streamlining.


a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T.
We have nearly $13,000 in general funds. The reserve fund is fully funded for all caucus, committee and ANM earmarked funds, except for April earmarks.

b) Fundraising Report
Lea and Starlene have started their work as Fundraisers. Lea is working on the next fundraising letter for late May. There has been some NationBuilder training. Most recent letter has raised over $8,000. ANM registration is at $3800 to date with some credit cards not yet processed.

c) Finance Items for decision: Request from Budd for $650 to attend Green Party of BC meeting May 21-24. An IC member is planning to attend. Budd withdrew his request.


In the queue:

779 – 781 – Confirmation of FPVA delegate and alternates. Voting ends Sunday 4/26.

Received for the Queue:

Conflict of Interest (COI) statement for the GPUS from FinCom for NC approval.

Charles sent out a revised proposal shortly before the call. This proposal will be in the Fiscal Polity and covers only conflicts of interest that are financial. Several concerns raised including that there is no reference to recusing oneself from voting on conflicting issues. The proposal is in proper form and will go to the queue on the normal schedule.


a) SC Elections. Budd sent out the status of the 2-year terms: “On or about 5/5, I will send a call for nominations for the 2-year terms. We will elect 4 co-chairs and a secretary. Darryl! is termed out; Starlene has resigned; and Budd is not running for re-election.” Jesse then announced that he will not be running for re-election, so we will have 4 vacancies.

It was decided that the vacancy created by Starlene’s resignation does need to be filled even though it will be only a one month term. Budd will get the vacancy election process started.

Budd Dickinson