August 11, 2013

GPUS Steering Committee Conference Call Minutes – August 11, 2013

a. Facilitator – David Doonan
b. Roll Call – Jeff Turner, Budd Dickinson, Tamar Yager, Starlene Rankin, Karen Young, Charles Ostdiek, Darryl! Moch, Jesse Townley (9pm)
Observer – Jody Grage

a. Cash report to date

Have paid most of ANM bills. We now have less than $1000 in the general account and still owe that much in ANM bills. Payroll due on 22nd, plus payment to David Doonan at month end. ANM surplus was used to pay old bill from Red Sun Press. BAC received $1k from BAC silent auction. Merch sales since ANM amount not known until end of month analysis.

b. BAC requests that $1000 from BAC budgeted funds be sent immediately to the Green Party of Arkansas – general funds not available but high and immediate priority. BAC plan was passed out at ANM. Karen – AR should get list of GPUS donors from AR; needs to be more coordination between fundraising for general fund and for committees;

Starlene – fundraising calendar needed; she will help facilitate GPAR fundraising on Facebook.

Jeff – need Fundraiser Report as standing agenda item; urgent need for BAC and office computer and printer; need to be proactive; Budd reports David Sacks would like to be on some calls though Sunday night good night for calling; Darryl! – David’s staff reports do give info, could be on late on calls after phonebanking time; Karen – Historically the SC has been reluctant to help with fundraising. The Fundraising Committee would welcome such help. Jeff will research printers.

In the queue: None

Received for the queue:
Approval of Susan Chunco for membership on the GPUS Finance Committee. (from GPCA) Floor Manager – Budd.

Approval of Hank Bardel for continued membership on the GPUS Finance Committee. (from FinCom) Floor Manager – Budd

Election & ETC questions – Actual ballots at end of post but not all votes are showing; Holly Hart and Frank Young are working on it; need to review the system; Charles will follow up.

IV. Committee Liaison Assignments (See

There was discussion about liaison assignments, portfolios, and how we choose to serve as liaisons. For now the SC will staff committees as in recent past while we continue to consider dormant /defunct committees, mergers, and new committees.

Temp Assignments are : AccredCom -Tamar & Karen; BAC -Starlene; ANMC -Tamar; DivCom -Darryl; EcoAct -Charles; Green Pages -Darryl; CCC -Darryl; PCSC -Starlene; PlatCom -Jesse; BRPP -Darryl & Charles; DRC -Darryl; IC -Charles; Media -Starlene; MerchCom -Karen; Outreach -Karen; OfcholdersNet -Jesse. No one yet assigned to FinCom or FundCom.

V. SC member Accountability – There was a proposal to “form small working group to work on rules about accountability . . .” Tamar will head this up starting 8/21, after she moves, with possible assistance from Karen and Jesse.

VI. Web Content Subcommittee – Volunteers – Starlene, Karen and Darryl!. Budd will change the webpage.

VII. Z Magazine’s offer for us to have our own social media platform – Starlene.

This is a new “social networking system that combines progressive constituencies in a way that benefits them all and simultaneously provides a serious and broad alternative to Facebook.” It woulds cost users $3 per month. $1 of that might be given to the party. There were some concerns about the financial arrangement. A proposal to tentatively move forward on it passed with 6 yes and 2 abstain (Budd and Jeff).

VIII. Release of John Andrew’s notes from the Presidential Campaign Debrief at the ANM. –

Budd was authorized to send them to the NC.

IX. Executive Session (personnel) – Established absolute deadline of 9/15 for job descriptions.

X. Meeting adjourned about 11 p.m. ET. Next meeting 8/25. Budd will be away for 3 days before it so will send out agendas early.

Budd Dickinson