August 28, 2011

a. Facilitator – Darryl
b. Roll Call – Mark, Susan, Tamar, Budd, Audrey, Leenie, Jeff, Theresa Farheen – excused absence Staff – Brian Observers – Holly Hart, Jody Grage
Guest – Justine McCabe asking to speak re: IC liaison; decision will be on future call or online; input has been received from committee members; Budd will advise of process; Justine left call.
c. Agenda approved.

A. Office Manager – Brian
All mailed from both PO boxes collected and deposited.
Previous resolicitation has dropped off; next mailing going out soon.
Move from postage company to USPS delayed until 2012 since better prices offered; will analyze both options to make decision.
Fall semester office internships advertised – GPUS website, Idealist, and Craig’s List.
Green Pages description and prices on Merch website will be updated soon.
SC business cards – options – Hungerford, in office from template, or done individually from template.

MEETING (50 minutes)

Budd sent two sets of notes from Phil and Holly.
Discussions on ballot access and presidential campaign.
Need for structure for this discussion.

BAC actions planned:
SE Regional Ballot Access Conference, Columbus, GA, Nov. 20.
Event in West early December in CA (earliest date to get nominees on ballot).
Other regions may plan events.

Reports from breakout sessions – BAC, CCC, Fin/Fun.
Need messaging plan – Green Pages, MediaCom, etc.
Consider cost of 2012 convention – proposal from Baltimore; deadline of
9/1 for Sacramento; perhaps from Minnesota.

PCSC – presidential candidates same as at ANM with Jill Stein an additional possibility. Last two emails from PCSC to potential candidates sent to Jared Ball & Richard Trumka. Volunteer labor not available on PCSC to do another round of presidential candidate mailings; individual contacts can be made.

Money available for BAC and CCC depends on fundraising, etc.
Need reports/strategic plans from BAC, CCC, PCSC, Green Pages, MediaCom,
Outreach – activities and budget requests by 20 Sept.
Need to discuss financial priorities including repaying state sharing, BAC/CCC, etc.
Committees: Not all are functioning at the level necessary to fully participate yet.
There was a suggestion that committee co-chairs be invited on SC calls for strategic planning.
Consensus that the electoral politics committees and the organizing & outreach committees are to prepare a work plan and a budget request, if appropriate, for the remainder of 2011 and for 2012, since their budget input for the 2012 budget process is due in a couple of weeks.

a. ANM financial report – Jeff – brought in about $27K and spent about $27K, didn’t lose money.
b. Attendance, etc. – Tamar – 213 with some Green Fest only.

Cash balance $26.5K operating fund, $18k bills = approx $8k in bank (+ $9k in reserve for caucuses/committees restricted funds)

In voting thru 8/28:
Durban +10 Proposal – GAGP – passing with quorum; activities in NY 18 Sept, etc.; urge participation by states in area. Theresa will post info and work with Farheen.

GNC Delegation Apportionment – GPIL – passing with quorum; Apportionment
Tabulation Committee (ATC) members to be appointed by 11 Sept (next call).
Budd will post call for volunteers. Audrey will accept Tamar’s nomination;
Audrey suggests Craig Thorsen; Leenie suggests Ron Hardy.

In the queue:
Caucus Accreditation – GPOH, GPMN, etc. – one week discussion extension, voting 9/5 – 9/11.
Delegate Apportionment – MGIP – voting 9/5 – 9/11.

In queue after next call:
Election Tabulation Comm Report is expected.

Natural Groupings from Jeff – based on 4 sections in the budget.
Need for clear division of labor and accountability.
Need to make best use of individual skill sets, personal relationships.
Need clarity of liaison responsibilities (see Bylaws IV.4-2.7); team for each grouping.
Discussion of whether to include caucuses and SC subcommittees.
Jeff sending new spreadsheet of assignments.

Current Status:
Tamar – ANM, staff supervisor, IT(with Budd, etc.). FunCom(with Susan)
Theresa – Diversity, Outreach, Accreditation, Platform, Media
Susan – FinCom, Merch, FunCom(with Tamar)
Leenie – PCSC, CCC&BAC(co-liaise with Mark),Green Pages, Legal, Web Content
Audrey – Personnel, Web Content, IC(?), EcoAction, Green Officeholders Network
Farheen – IC(?), DRC, Credentialing, GPAX
Mark – CCC&BAC(co-liaise with Leenie), GSCC& GHCC


Diversity Committee – Theresa recruiting and will talk with David Strand, former liaison.
Accreditation Committee – Theresa put Virgin Islands in touch with Roger Snyder, AC co-chair.
Platform Committee – Theresa – co-chair election being held.
Peace Action – Leenie reports Farheen will try to revive, if not could be placed on hold.
Further reports will be sent on line this time – and maybe before future calls.

IX. Action Items:
Budd – Advise IC on process with IC liaison
Theresa – Work with Farheen to post info on Durban +10 call for participation.
Budd – Post call for additional volunteers for ATC Jeff – Send updated liaison spreadsheet
Budd – Draft thanks to the ANM – in process
Budd -Request for SC election press release to Scott McLarty – to be determined
Jeff, Leenie, Farheen, etc. – research banking options – in process
Audrey – Employment Agreements for staff – committee formation – in process
All – consider liaison and subcommittee assignments- in process
Darryl – facilitator for next SC call will be Charlie Pillsbury

Notes from Darryl, facilitator:
Write down what say so don’t repeat it later.
Don’t repeat in detail what other people are saying – just record agreement or disagreement.
Put all items into the agenda itself.
Online decisions need to be included in call for the record.
Use twinkle more often.