August 9, 2015

Meeting Notes

Sunday, August 9, 2015 – 8:00–10:13 p.m. ET


a) Facilitator: David Doonan
b) Call in # for recording: (605) 475-3299

c) Roll Call:Audrey Clement, Sanda Everett, Jan Martell, Andrea Merida, Charles Ostdiek, Jeff Turner, Tamar Yager, Karen Young, Bahram Zandi. Observers: Mike Feinstein, Holly Hart, David McCorquodale, Starlene Rankin.
d) Agenda revisions – Tamar – Postpone ANM wrap-up, asked other co-chairs who attended to send their impressions, notes to make a fuller report at next meeting; Charles – request 5 minutes to discuss international dues.




a) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff T. – about $32k in general fund, $600 in web deposit fund, hasn’t finished reconciling other accts. Accts payable $11,500 – about $20k left after all bills are paid. Brian and Tamar will get final amounts in for ANM expenses – more precise figures will be available by next meeting.

b) Fundraising Report – Karen – Looking very good, 3 months ago running only 55% of goal, now catching up to about 84%. Phone banking set up for September, database in Nationbuilder cleaned up, plans for Facebook campaign and next direct mail in place. All SC members should be sustainers (not all are) and should set example.

c) Finance Items for decision: Jeff – BAC request for $2,500 for Iowa’s petition drive – this is already in reserve funds earmarked, so no vote necessary. Sanda – note that this petitioner is raising prices – gets results – but this is higher cost than previous. Discussion for placing up to $7,000 in reserve for an operating reserve – Jeff – wants to open discussion, number is somewhat arbitrary; Andrea – wait until ANM expenses are settled; Karen – not only good idea, it’s in the bylaws to have 3 months reserve; Andrea – should be done on a monthly basis – Jeff – will get FinCom input, more detailed plan next meeting. Approval to pay outstanding amounts payable to Global Greens ($1825) and FPVA ($200) – Jeff – he has invoices, this is the amount finally decided is owed; Sanda – objection (not blocking) since GPUS does not have delegates to GG, membership is through FPVA only; general agreement that this should be paid now, and reassessed for 2016. (Charles – new agenda item unnecessary, questions answered).

In the queue: None
Received for the queue:
a) Proposal to amend GPUS RP&Ps, Article IX – Tabled. Discussion centered around problems with clarity (definition of “GPUS business” not addressed), language (changing NC to GNC, not current standard), numbering of sections (inconsistent) – not ready for queue. Since there is no need to expedite, SC will delay placing in queue while working with authors to clear up problems. Subcommittee – Charles, Andrea, Sanda, Audrey. Holly (observer, one of the authors) was invited to participate in this discussion.


a) Request from David McCorquodale that the Steering Committee review the operations of the BRPP Committee and of its Co-chairs, and set up a Dispute Resolution Process. He states that BRPP has become dysfunctional and unable to go forward, citing improper procedures concerning voting on proposals over the last year. – David, Holly, Mike, observers, invited to participate. Many SC members are on BRPP – discussion revealed disagreement as to dysfunctionality, rules violations, ability of committee to resolve problems internally; a majority of SC think dispute resolution is necessary, so the decision is to move toward that process. Darryl Moch recommended as a mediator, along with effort to activate DRC and invite new members. Jan will contact Darryl, SC members will recommend new members for DRC. Audrey will look at DRC rules (DRC not a standing committee, membership is more flexible).

b) Liaison assignments questions, scheduling special meeting – Karen – Necessary to redefine liaison roles before making new assignments; Sanda – new SC members need assignment, some current liaisons no longer on SC, so just do the reassignment, then redefine after; Jeff – hopes Fincom liaison will be Charles, reminder that committee budget deadline is Sept. 10; special meeting not scheduled – send preference for liaison assignment to Secretary along with current assignment; further discussion at next meeting.


Personnel matter – Karen – resolved.

Staffing and health insurance – Jeff – had to leave early, so postponed.

TOTAL TIME: 133 minutes

Jan Martell

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