CCC webinar – Debriefing Your Run

Tuesday, December 1, 9-10 PM Eastern

This teleconference/webinar is designed especially for Greens who have just completed a run for office by the date of the call, and those for candidates considering a run in the near future. Debriefing and analyzing a recently completed run for office is often a great generator of campaign strategies that can be passed on within a party. During this conference, we will discuss analyzing your run, including

  • The five core campaign competencies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Purposes (identifying the vote and Getting Out the Vote)

This webinar will be facilitated by Chris Alders of the Canadian Green Party. Chris helped to create the Green Party of Nova Scotia by handling external communications, oversaw the party registration petition drive, and eventually planned and co-chaired a highly successful and complex founding convention in April of 2006 in Halifax. When he moved his political organizing firm to Ottawa, he was the campaign manager for a 2010 Ontario provincial by-election in Ottawa West-Nepean that yielded the best percentage vote result for the party since the 2007 Ontario general election. As the campaign manager for the federal Nepean-Carleton Green Party campaign in 2011, he oversaw a quadrupling of contacts and volunteers during. All told he has worked on or managed 37 campaigns in seven provinces

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