CCC webinar – Special Constituency Outreach

Tuesday, August 27, 2013  9:00 PM Eastern

This teleconference / webinar is designed especially for Greens who are running for local office as well as those considering a run in the near future. This call will cover outreach to special constituencies, which will be different depending on your district but can include: youth, people of color, LGBT folks, labor, etc.

During this conference, we will discuss outreach to special constituencies, including

  • Media and communications efforts
  • Targeting and voter turn-out strategies
  • Deep engagement, not tokenism
  • Green policy positions that speak to different key constituencies

This webinar will be facilitated by Karen Kubby and Darryl! Moch.

Karen recently facilitated a special day-long Campaign School at the Annual Meeting in Iowa City. Karen Kubby is a social activist and national third-party political workshop speaker who served 11 years (1989-00) as Iowa City council member, and directed Emma Goldman Clinic (1999-08). Co-owner with her sister, Laurel, of Dawn’s Hide & Bead Away, she teaches, creates, and sells pottery, craftwork and jewelry. Her impact on local political life has mushroomed, especially “green” and “progressive” causes. After two unsuccessful candidacies, her election to city council brought ascendency of her voice for socialism and liberalism locally and beyond.

Darryl! L.C. Moch, currently residing in Washington, DC, is a Co-Chair of the US Green Party and a community activist and advocate rooted in social justice, equality, and quality of life issues for African-American/People of Color and minority communities, children, youth, families, LGBTQ constituencies, people living with mental and physical challenges, the homeless, as well as people living with, and/or affected by, HIV/AIDS and other health disparities. Darryl!, was a recent steering committee member of the DC Statehood Green Party (and is a delegate to the USGP National Committee), USGP Black Caucus, USGP Plat Com, and USGP Media Committee. He ran for DC City Council in the 2010 DCSGP primary.